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  Biochemistry Minor

For those students who desire a more concentrated course of study in Biochemistry, this minor may be accomplished by taking all of the following chemistry courses:

Biochemistry Minor Required Courses*
CHE 216 & 217 Organic Chemistry with Laboratory 8
CHE 316 Biochemistry I Lecture 3
CHE 317 Biochemistry I Laboratory 1
CHE 318 Biochemistry II Lecture 3

Biochemistry minor students must successfully complete one of the following biology courses:

Biochemistry Minor Elective Courses (pick one)*
BIO 334 General Microbiology with Laboratory 4
BIO 422 Research Methods in Molecular Biology with Laboratory 4
BIO 450 Biotechnology with Laboratory 4
CHE 323 Physical Biochemistry 3

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Since a given course can only be used once to satisfy a requirement for a minor or a major, a student who uses BIO 334, BIO 442, BIO 450 or CHE 323 for another minor or major must select a different course for the Biochemistry minor.

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