Sport and Leisure Management Major

Sport and Leisure Management Degree Requirements

Requirements and concentrations for this major: SLM-Program-Sheet

Major: Sport and Leisure Management (B.S.)

The Sport and Leisure Management Program (B.S.) degree provides introductory and advanced courses in sport management with concentration areas in exercise science, health, sport management and sport performance. Students will be well-prepared for careers in sport management, employee wellness programs, public and private recreation facilities, exercise science, personal training, health and wellness, and sport performance and coaching.

Practicum Experience
To develop skills in leadership, programming, problem solving, communications and interpersonal relationships, students are required to participate in a supervised pre-professional (practicum) experience.

Grade Requirement
The grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all Physical Education and all Sport and Leisure Management major and minor courses.

Professional Development
Students majoring in Physical Education or Sport and Leisure Management are required to accumulate ten (10) Professional Development Points each semester before registering for certain upper division practicum courses.

Sport and Leisure Management Major:
BS Degree Requirements – Complete Core Courses and Select One Concentration

Core courses for Sport and Leisure Management Majors
HPE210Personal Health3
SLM250Introduction to Sport Management & Sport Science3
HPE328Applied Anatomy and Physiology3
SLM330Facility Design Management3
SLM331Legal Ethical Issues in Sport Management3
SLM345Leadership & Problem Solving3
SLM440Quantitative Analysis3
HPE411Sports in American Society (writing intensive)3
SLM460Research Methods in SLM3
SLM 476Internship Seminar1
Sport Management Concentration
ACC201Introduction to Accounting3
BUS245Business Finance3
ECO331Economics of Sport3
SLM320Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Communication
Electives2/4 (if no internship)
SLM 346Sports Psychology3
Art122Digital Illustration & Page Layout3
BUS325Consumer Behavior3
COM215Media Aesthetics3
COM260Public Relations3
COM312Professional Presentations3
COM330Organizational Communication3
OR other appropriate course with advisor's permission.
Total 18-24 Credits
Sport Management Grand Total: 51-52 Credits
Sport Science & Performance Concentration
HPE329The Physiological Basis of Movement3
HPE320Sports Nutrition3
HPE413Physiology of Exercise3
SLM340Exercise Testing & Prescription3
HPE303Sports Conditioning for Youth3
Electives2/4 (if no internship):
SLM355Motor Learning3
SLM346Sport Psychology3
SLM375Exercise Management for Disabilities3
HPE403Coaching Youth Sports3
SLM365Worksite Health Promotion3
OR other appropriate course with advisor's permission.
Total: 21-27 Credits
Sports Science & Performance Grand Total: 54-55 Credits