Physical Education Major

Physical Education Degree Requirements

Major: Physical Education (B.S.)
Special Subject Certification for Grades PreK-12

The BS degree with a major in Physical Education is designed for students who have a love of physical education and a special interest in working in sport and exercise activities. The program of studies provides excellent preparation for careers in public school physical education programs and other related agencies such as YMCAs, YWCAs, boys’ and girls’ clubs, and city or country public and private recreation programs and clubs.

The courses in this program emphasize studies in exercise science, instructional philosophy, and pedagogical analysis and techniques. The hallmark of this distinctive program is extensive clinical field experiences in public schools and professional agencies. For the teaching certification program, in addition to the senior year student teaching course, students are involved in at least two off-campus practicum/seminar courses taught by physical educators currently teaching in area public schools.

Professional Development Point System
Students majoring in Physical Education or Sport Leisure Management are required to accumulate ten (10) Professional Development Points each semester before registering for certain upper division practicum courses.

Cross Endorsement in Health
Students who receive Connecticut Teaching Certification in Physical Education are encouraged to seek a “cross endorsement” in health education. Student must complete thirty (30) credits of course work specifically addressing health related topics, and pass the State of Connecticut Health Education Exam (Praxis II). See department brochure for particulars.

Grade Requirement
The grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all Physical Education major and minor courses.

Students pursuing a Connecticut Initial Educator Certificate in physical education must be formally admitted to the certification program by CARE (Committee on Admission and Retention in Education). This committee of faculty members from the Education and Kinesiology and Physical Education Departments is responsible for the admission process and also monitors student progress after admission. Students must have a grade point average of 2.7 and a passing score on all 3 components of PRAXIS I at the time of application to CARE. Students should apply to CARE in their fourth semester of study.

Physical Education Major: 2015 Course Sequencing

FALL 2015 Course Sequencing Advisement Sheet

Physical Education Major:
BS Degree Requirements

Core Courses
HPE075Community First Aid Card0
HPE210Personal Health3
HPE230Introduction to Physical Education3
HPE240Introduction to PE Curriculum Materials3
HPE315Adapted Physical Education3
HPE328Applied Anatomy and Physiology3
HPE329The Physiological Basis of Movement3
HPE335Technology and Assessment in Physical Education3
HPE401Motor Development3
HPE411Sports in American Society3
HPE413Physiology of Exercise3
Pedagogy and Activities
HPE361Individual Activities and Games3
HPE362Team Activities and Games3
HPE363Elementary School Activities and Games3
HPE368Educational Dance and Gymnastics3
Connecticut State Certification Requirements for Teacher Certification Major Only
These courses satisfy Connecticut State Requirements for the Initial Educator Certificate.
HPE441Teaching, Organization and Administration of Elementary School Physical Education3
HPE445Teaching, Organization and Administration of Secondary School Physical Education3
EDU200Child and Adolescent Development and Exceptionalities3
EDU210Foundations of U.S. Education3
HPE475Student Teaching9
HPE476Physical Education Student Teaching Seminar3
HIS***U.S. or American History3
ENG***English above English 1003
Total Credits72