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Health Certification

For Physical Education Majors
Thirty (30) Credits

The Health Education “cross endorsement” is not possible without first having another Connecticut Teaching Certification.


  • Thirty (30) credits of course work appropriate to the field of Health Education. These courses may be taken at Eastern or at other institutions.
  • One (1) course containing the concept of group facilitation/group dynamics/group processes. HPE 312 Health Group; PSY 203 Group and Teams or SOC 360 Group Dynamics.
  • One (1) course containing the concepts of drug prevention or substance abuse. SWK 344 Substance Abuse or HPE 310 Alcohol & Drugs.
  • Other elective courses (approved by Connecticut Department of Education) from the list below.
  • Pass PRAXIS II Exam for Health Education.

    ECSU courses which satisfy the Health Education requirements of the State of Connecticut Department of Education. Courses taken in a major program may also count toward the 30 credits Health Certification Requirement.

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Health Certification:
Degree Requirements

Health Related
Subject Course Title
HPE 102 Weight Management
HPE 207 Nutrition
HPE 209 Nutrition & Public Health
HPE 210 Personal Health
*HPE 310 Alcohol & Drugs
*HPE 312 Health Group Dynamics
HPE 320 Sports Nutrition
HPE 325 Holistic Health
HPE 326 Stress Management
HPE 328 Applied Anatomy and Physiology
HPE 329 Applied Anatomy and Physiology
HPE 400 Special Topics in Health
HPE 413 Physiology of Exercise
HPE 448 Seminar: Teaching Health in Schools
SLM 313 Sport Physiology
Psychology/Sociology Department Courses: most PSY courses have PSY 100 as a prerequisite
EDU 200 Child & Adolescent Development and Exceptionalities
PSY 202 Social Psychology
*PSY 203 Groups & Teams (Group Dynamics)
PSY 206 Psychology of Childhood
PSY 208 Psychology of Adolescence
PSY 301 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 302 Psychopathology of Childhood
PSY 315 Psychology of Gender** (IVA)
PSY 320 Theories of Personality
PSY 325 Health Psychology
SOC 208 Homosexuality and Lesbianism
SOC 209 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 212 Marriage and the Family
SOC 240 Soc of Gender and Sex Role** (IVA)
SOC 241 Sex Role Socialization
SOC 250 Sociology of Inequality
SOC 307 Deviance**
SOC 312 Sociology of Mental Illness
SOC 360 Group Dynamics
SOC 465 Studies in Sociology + (certain Special Topics - see Summer/Intersession offerings)
SWK 200 Introduction to Social Services
SWK 245 Aging in Society
SWK 312 Human Behavior in Social Environment
SWK 320 Social Work Individual and Families
SWK 325 Social Welfare Policy
*SWK 344 Substance Abuse
Biology Department Courses
BIO 202 Human Biology** (IIIB)
BIO 203 Human Biology Lab** (IIIB)
BIO 234 Population Biology w/Lab
BIO 304 Genetics and Society**(IIIB)
BIO 348 Human Anatomy w/Lab
BIO 350 Human Physiology w/Lab
* Required Substance Abuse course + required group facilitation/group dynamics course
** GER Course
Total Credits
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