Health Certification

Health Education Certification
For Physical Education Majors

The Health Education “cross endorsement” is not possible without first having another Connecticut Teaching Certification.


  • Thirty (30) credits of course work appropriate to the field of Health Education. These courses may be taken at Eastern or at other institutions.
  • One (1) course containing the concept of group facilitation/group dynamics/group processes. HPE 312 Health Group; PSY 203 Group and Teams or SOC 360 Group Dynamics.
  • One (1) course containing the concepts of drug prevention or substance abuse. SWK 344 Substance Abuse or HPE 310 Alcohol & Drugs.
  • Other elective courses (approved by Connecticut Department of Education) from the list below.
  • Pass PRAXIS II Exam for Health Education.ECSU courses which satisfy the Health Education requirements of the State of Connecticut Department of Education. Courses taken in a major program may also count toward the 30 credits Health Certification Requirement.

Certification Information:
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Health Certification:
Degree Requirements

Health Related
HPE102Weight Management
HPE209Nutrition & Public Health
HPE210Personal Health
HPE310Alcohol & Drugs
HPE312Health Group Dynamics
HPE320Sports Nutrition
HPE325Holistic Health
HPE326Stress Management
HPE328Applied Anatomy and Physiology
HPE329Applied Anatomy and Physiology
HPE400Special Topics in Health
HPE413Physiology of Exercise
HPE448Seminar: Teaching Health in Schools
SLM313Sport Physiology
Psychology/Sociology Department Courses: most PSY courses have PSY 100 as a prerequisite
EDU200Child & Adolescent Development and Exceptionalities
PSY202Social Psychology
PSY203Groups & Teams (Group Dynamics)
PSY206Psychology of Childhood
PSY208Psychology of Adolescence
PSY301Abnormal Psychology
PSY302Psychopathology of Childhood
PSY315Psychology of Gender** (IVA)
PSY320Theories of Personality
PSY325Health Psychology
SOC208Homosexuality and Lesbianism
SOC209Juvenile Delinquency
SOC212Marriage and the Family
SOC240Soc of Gender and Sex Role** (IVA)
SOC241Sex Role Socialization
SOC250Sociology of Inequality
SOC312Sociology of Mental Illness
SOC360Group Dynamics
SOC465Studies in Sociology + (certain Special Topics - see Summer/Intersession offerings)
SWK200Introduction to Social Services
SWK245Aging in Society
SWK312Human Behavior in Social Environment
SWK320Social Work Individual and Families
SWK325Social Welfare Policy
SWK344Substance Abuse
Biology Department Courses
BIO202Human Biology** (IIIB)
BIO203Human Biology Lab** (IIIB)
BIO234Population Biology w/Lab
BIO304Genetics and Society**(IIIB)
BIO348Human Anatomy w/Lab
BIO350Human Physiology w/Lab
* Required Substance Abuse course + required group facilitation/group dynamics course
** GER Course
Total Credits