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The mission of the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education is to promote and facilitate the concept of mind-body unity within the academic mission of the University, and though our major, minor, and general education program offerings, contribute to and promote the total development of students through a comprehensive educational experience.

The department is committed to providing students with professional and exciting educational experiences through sound pedagogical approaches to enhance knowledge and participation in health, wellness, and recreational activities. A curriculum supported by both a strong theoretical framework and practical application of skills serves as underpinnings to our programs.

In addition to its professional preparation programs the department offers classes in Health, Wellness, and Recreational Sport Skills Activities as part of its General Education and Liberal Arts offerings.

Department Office
Dr. Gregory Kane
Eastern Hall Room 3
phone number(860) 465-5175
Beth Leslie
Eastern Hall 2
phone number(860) 465-5371
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A Proud Member of the American Kinesiology Association