Classic Commedia  will be presented as part of ECSU's  Millenium Milestones of Theatre  Series. Classic Commedia  is an original version of what is considered the highlight of Renaissance Italian Theatre - Commedia dell'Arte. Classic Commedia  directed by Larry Hunt, guest artist-in-residence, promises to be filled with physical humor, literally of the slapstick genre as well as filled with crazy characters near and dear to our hearts - the likes of those found in Plautus' Roman comedies, Moliere's farces, the Stooges' and Marx Brothers' movies as well as those zanies we love to laugh at in TV shows such as Saturday Night Live.

      Mr. Hunt has been working with ECSU students throughout the semester to develop original scenarios. ECSU's Theatre program is committed to bringing in professional Theatre artists who are expert in their areas of Theatre. In addition to Larry Hunt, David Regan has joined the staff to teach students to design and build masks for the show. Mr. Hunt recently returned from a month-long artistic residency in China. Mr. Regan helped build the masks for this China tour. In fact, they have collaborated together on other projects and are an excellent team. Classic Commedia  promises to be extraordinary due to their talents and experience. 

      Sabrina Notarfrancisco also joins the design team creating original commedia costumes. Lighting Designer Debra Siegel will add intensity to what will be a suitably silly setting designed by Bob Ritz. As a Senior Project, Joanne Terragna, along with Ole Hermanson, will add music and sound effects necessary to complement the loony antics onstage. Classic Commedia  runs April 25th-29th; Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 8pm; Sunday matinee at 2pm in the Harry Hope Theatre (Shafer Hall groundfloor, Willimantic, CT). Tickets are $10 for Students and Senior Citizens; $12 for the General Public.

       As the final show of the Harry Hope Spring 2001 season, Sophisticated Nuts and Dried Fruit, a new play by Hollywood playwright Maggie Brown, will be presented. Sophisticated Nuts and Dried Fruit  promises to close this season of delights with hilarity as it features the quirkiest of characters aboard an airplane bound for bellylaughs. Sophisticated Nuts and Dried Fruit, runs May 11th-13th; Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm; Sunday matinee at 2pm. This show is offered as part of of the HHT's Barebones Series  which features modern and contemporary works in a scaled-down setting to complement the full-scale Millenium Milestones in Theatre Series. Tickets for Barebones Series  shows are $5 for Students and Senior Citizens; $7 for the General Public. For ticket reservations, please call the Box Office at (860) 465-5123. For additional information, please call Ellen Faith Brodie, Director of Theatre, at (860) 465-5122.