Eastern Connecticut State University

The Performing Arts Department and The Drama Society





Original 10-Minute Plays


The Sargent Theatre, NYC


We’re All Mad Here  by Nicole Panteleakos

Directed by Josh Davis and Sarah DiMeo


Kat Bacon, Nicole Dutram, Simon Hunt, Scott Kegler, Amy Sarfati



Thanksgiving Dinner With The Hendersons  by  Matt Hulton

Directed by Trisha Martin, Kelly Schreier, and Heidi Stearns


            Kat Bacon, Matt Corbit, Nicole Dutram, Simon Hunt, Geoff Mitchill, Amy Sarfati


ABC  by  William Arnold

Directed by Nate Gallup and Justin Nardine


Simon Hunt, Travis Baril, Nicole Dutram, Scott Kegler

Cat Scratch Fever  by Sarah DiMeo

Directed by Matt Corbit and Donald Hall


Kat Bacon, Travis Baril, Steve Bartunek, Simon Hunt, Amy Sarfati


Above and Beyond Just A Tad  by Andrew V. Morrison

Directed by Bridget Duggan and Scott Kegler


Justin Nardine, Josh Davis, Nicole Dutram, Geoff Mitchill


Act of Tom  by Scott Kegler

Directed by Sean Kegler and Steve Bartunek


Travis Baril, Matt Corbit, Josh Davis, Simon Hunt


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Special Thanks to:

Susan McCray, Hollywood Producer and Casting Director

and ECSU Theatre Patron;

Dr. Edmond Chibeau and his Scriptwriting Class

for the terrific 10-minute scripts written Fall ‘04

from which Ellen Brodie’s Advanced Directing students chose the ones

that are being presented as part of Short Stuff 2005;

and to:

William Arnold, alumnus and playwright of ABC

(JAC Publishing and Promotions)

which he wrote while an ECSU Fine Arts/Theatre major

in 1985.