Short Stuff 2000

Eastern Connecticut State University


Shannon Ahearn (Stage Manager) - of Mystic, is a Fine Arts/Theatre major; She made her ECSU debut in "The Halloween Murder Mystery" and appeared in "Like Trees Walking" as well as "A Midsummer Night's Dream; "  worked backstage on "The Apple Tree." She co-directed "Short Stuff, An Evening of 10-Minute Plays" in the Harry Hope (Spr. '99) and was Co-Stage Manager of "The Mysteries: The Nativity" this Spring.

Jeremy Ames (Soundboard Operator/Designer) -   He has been involved in Harry Hope productions since the beginning of his college experience, jumping from positions such as Followspot Operator to Soundboard Technician to Sound Designer. He worked on "Clown's Play," "Like Trees Walking," "Apple Tree," "Olivia's Opus," and "A Midsummer

Night's Dream" (staged here and in NYC); "Alcestis," and "The Mysteries: The Nativity."

Mikael "Augie" Augustine (Actor/"Archetypes") - of Middletown,  is a Fine Arts/ Graphics major/Communication minor; at ECSU was in "An Open and Shut Case." He was sports anchor on ECSU TV News; operated soundboard for "Clowns' Play;" performed in "Like Trees Walking" also at the Harry Hope. He has operated/ orchestrated a radio show on  ECSU's 90.1 WECS since the summer of '97; acted in "The Halloween  Murders;" "A Midsummer Night's Dream;"  in "Short Stuff, An Evening of 10-Minute Plays" in 1999.

Rachel Blauberg (Director/"Archetypes") -  hails from Staten Island, NY and now resides in Norwich; second semester Fine Arts/Theatre major; played in  "Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Bald  Soprano," "Driver's Test," "St. George  and the Dragon" before com-ing to ECSU; played in "Alcestis" and this Spring's "The Mysteries: The Nativity."

Adam Brandt (Actor/"Natural Reaction;""Horoscope Dope") -  a  second semester Freshman from Redding; Biology major;  was Admetus  in Euripede's "Alcestis" in the fall; played in this Spring's "The Mysteries: The Nativity;" was selected as an Irene Ryan Acting Competition  candidate for the 2001 American College Theatre Festival. He will also be participating in ECSU's Summer School in London 2000 program.

Alison Campbell (Director/Playwright/"Chances") - of Andover, is an English major. This show marks her Harry Hope debut as both a writer and director. She has acted and done backstage work for numerous plays in high school and wishes to pursue a career in Theatre in the future. Her 10-minute play entitled "Wasted" will be produced for Freshman Orientation 2000.

Cortney Charnas (Actor/"Archetypes") - of Glastonbury, CT; a Sophomore;  danced with Up With People for one year; worked with the Hartford Children's Theater in numerous performances. She played in "The Mysteries: The Nativity."

Melissa Conkling (Director/"Natural Reaction;" "Horoscope Dope") -  a Senior Fine Arts/Theatre major. In 1997, she acted in "Action for Diversity"  for Freshman orien-tation at ECSU. She was active in Theatre throughout high school.

Ian Matthew Harrington (Actor/"Archetypes") -  of North Grosvenordale, CT; a Senior Spanish major/Theatre minor; acted  in the following ECSU shows: "The Murder at Rutherford House,"  "The Ice Wolf," "Fools," "Take Back the Night," "Samuel Colt,  Yan-kee of the Willows," "The Cave Dwellers," "Carpe Diem"  (performed at Theatre Row in NYC), "Tartuffe," "Clowns' Play," "Bits of the Bard '98, Comings and Goings"  (performed at Theatre Row in NYC) ;Open Space  Arts' "Like Trees Walking;" "The Halloween Murders," "The Apple  Tree" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream"  (in the Harry Hope and in NYC).  He was in  "Alcestis," "The Mysteries: The  Nativity;" is President of the Drama Society. He played in  "Five-By-Tens" at the American College Theatre Festival 2000.

Tyler Hewes (Director/"Pre-Game") - is of Bethel, CT, a Sophomore  double major in Fine Arts/Theatre and History; has sung in numerous choirs  as a tenor, baritone and bass. At ECSU, he acted in "Like Trees Walking,"  "The Halloween Murders," "The Apple Tree"  and "A Midsummer Night's Dream"  in the Harry Hope as well as on Theatre Row in NYC;  in "Alcestis"  and in "The Mysteries: The Nativity;" was Secretary of the Drama Society  as well as a senator on both the Student  Government Association and the  University Senate; now Chairman of BAM; acted in "Short Stuff,  An Evening of 10-Minute Plays" in 1999; was in ECSU's '99 Summer School in London and will do so in 2000.

Kristin Kenney (Actor/Playwright/"Chances") - of  Guilford, CT is a Sophomore. "The Mysteries: The Nativity" marked her  Harry Hope debut. She acted and did  technical theatre work in high school  as well as at Trinity College in Vermont.

Aaron Lathrop (Actor/"Pre-Game") - of North Stonington; a Fine Arts/Theatre major and second semester Freshman; is a member of  New London's Flock Theatre;  perform-ed in Westerly in "Twelfth Night" celebrations; in "Much Ado About Nothing,"  "Henry IV," in "Ghost Tales" in Mystic Seaport. He played in  "Alcestis" last  fall and "The Mysteries: The Nativity" this spring in the Harry Hope Theatre.  He participated in the Center for Creative Youth in 1997; 8 years in  Lantern Tours at Mystic; 2 years in Westerly Chorus.

Michael Lessard (Director/"Natural Reaction;" "Horoscope Dope") -  of Cheshire, a Theatre Minor was  in "Samuel Colt, Yankee of the Willows,"  "The Cave Dwellers," "Tar-tuffe," "Bits of the Bard '98, Comings and Goings"  (performed on Theatre Row in NYC);"Like Trees Walking," "The Apple Tree,"  "A Midsummer Night's Dream"(in the Harry Hope and on Theatre Row in NYC);  in  "Alcestis" and "The Mysteries: The Nativity;" and was an  Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship candidate at the 1999 and 2000 American  Col-lege Theatre Festivals. He is also a drummer and plays in the local band  Squiggle Toe.

Jill Luberto (Actor/"Pre-Game") -  of Franklin, CT; is a Freshman majoring  in Fine Arts/Theatre and Psychology. Before ECSU, she was in "Brighton Beach  Memoirs,""Little Shop of Horrors," "The Bald Soprano; " and part of the  Underground Railroad Theater Company's production of "Carnival of Animals"  at the Garde Art Center . She made her ECSU debut in "The Secret of Cell Block 7"  in the fall and was in this spring's "The Mysteries: The Nativity."

Robert P. Marbach (Actor/"Archetypes") -  of Stanford, CT, is a Sophomore History major; marked his theatrical debut  in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at ECSU and performed in last semester's  "The Secret of Cell Block 7" and in "The Mysteries: The Nativity" this spring. He will be participating in ECSU's Summer School in London 2000.

Patricia VandeMore (Actor/"Horoscope Dope") - a Fine Arts/Theatre major,  is a mezzo-soprano and has participated in many voice competitions as well as performed several solos in numerous public performances. At ECSU,  she participated in the Sum-mer Theatre Institute '98 with the Youth Action Theatre  of England; in Open Space Arts' "Like Trees Walking;" in "The Halloween Murders"  and "The Apple Tree."  She was Assis-tant Stage Manager of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" here at ECSU and on Theatre Row in NYC;  Music Director of "The Secret of Cell Block 7;" Stage Manager of  "Alcestis" (Fall '99) and  for Nora Cole's "Olivia's Opus" and  "The  Mysteries: The Nativity"  (Spring 2000)  for which she was also the Music Director/Vocal Coach.  She will be participating  in ECSU's  Summer School in London 2000 program.

Jonathan Werme (Playwright) -  of Waterbury, CT; Senior English major. These plays written in Dr.  Molette's Playwriting class are the first he has ever written!

Daniel Whelton (Actor/Playwright/"Archetypes;" "Chances") - is a second semester Freshman  from Tucson, Arizona. He was a Thespian member for three years in high School. He was in Euripedes' "Alcestis" last fall and was an Irene Ryan Acting Competition partner at the American College Theatre Festival in Jan. 2000; played in "The Mysteries: The Nativity" this spring;participating in Summer School in London 2000.

Jessica Willis (Lightboard Operator) - of Pomfret, CT is a Freshman  who has worked as Stagehand for "Alcestis" and Lightboard Operator for "The Mysteries: The Nativity."

Shawn Wysocki (Lighting Designer) - of Oakdale, CT; a Computer Science major; Lightboard Operator for "Samuel Colt, Yankee of the Willows;" Lighting Designer Assistant for "The Cave Dwellers;" both functions for "Bits of the Bard '98;" Lightboard Operator for "Tartuffe," "Clown's Play," "Like Trees Walking," "Olivia's Opus" and for "A Midsummer Night's  Dream" (both at ECSU and in NYC) and for "Alcestis" (Fall '99) and "The  Mysteries: The Nativity"  (Spring 2000).