New York Showcase of Student Talent 2007


Short Stuff 2007

One Act Plays written and directed by Eastern Students





                                     Lesley Palm and Zach Doty                                                    Frank Thomas-Grogan, Zach Doty, Kelly Schreier,

                                                                                                             Michelle Chesner and Jenna Podeswa


                                       Zach Doty, Kelly Schreier and Craig Wise                        Kaitlyn Kociela, Michelle Chesner and Brad Conners


Ten Minute Plays in Order of Appearance


Auditions by Michael Shapiro

Chet by Scott Bushey

Park Apartments by Aaron Gibson

The Rehearsal by Michael Shapiro

Fake ID by Geoffrey Facey

When I Was 16 by Ali Kelley

The Cool Guy by Matt Hulton

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time by Ben Bersten

The Confrontation by Michael Shapiro

Late by Scott Bushey

A Lesson In Literature by Scott Kegler