The Scottish Play



 Millennium Milestones – Macbeth and Maria Marten


     The ECSU Fall 2001 Theatre season highlights our continued  Millennium 

Milestones in Theatre Series and our continued connection with the world of

professional British Theatre. Last year we featured works of the Spanish Golden Age

and the Italian Renaissance. We now offer Shakespeare’s Macbeth  as homage to the

great works of Elizabethan England and then move to 19th century England with Burton’s

The Murder of Maria Marten (or The Red Barn).  Tour de Force of England will be in

residence this fall as actors and directors of these productions. In fact, Tour de Force is

bringing an abridged version of Macbeth  to our campus straight from its production at

the Arundel Festival in England.

     ECSU Guest Artist James Simmons is starring as Macbeth. He along with

Arundel lead cast members, Director Joe Harmston and Musical Director Edward

Curtis will train ECSU actors to perform in this production and will offer

workshops in methods of mastering the Bard. They will be joined by ECSU

graduates, Thayer Kitchen and Mike Lessard, who are performing in Macbeth 

in Arundel this summer! They will be in the ECSU production as well.

     Importantly, please note that there will be a special daytime performance for

Connecticut schools so that they may take advantage of this British professional

production. Please call Ellen Brodie, Director of Theatre, at (860) 465-5122 for group

reservations for the Macbeth  Mid-Day Matinee. Please call the Harry Hope Theatre

Box Office (860) 465-5123 to reserve tickets  for The Murder of Maria Marten.