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Classic Commedia

America Hurrah "Motel"

The Brothers M

     Mr. Hunt has been working with masks since 1977. A self-taught sculptor, Larry made the conscious decision to approach theatre through masks after his training in the Jacques Lecoq approach to theatre with TheatreElan in Portland, Oregon. Since 1977 Larry has been active exploring and performing with masks worldwide. He continues traveling across the United States performing in schools, festivals, theatres and intersperses his performances with teaching and directing. Larry has created several original works including “Classic Commedia” which evolved out of an improvisation class at Eastern Connecticut State University in 2001.  Also, at ECSU, Mr. Hunt directed “America Hurrah: Motel”(Spring 2004) and, most recently, “The Brother’s M.” (Fall 2004) based on the Roman comedy by Plautus called “The Menaechmi.” Prior to his work at ECSU, in collaboration with Ming Ri Theatre and several United States artists, “Playing With Klee” was performed in Hong Kong using the artwork of Paul Klee as inspiration. He returned to Bulgaria to help direct the mask production of “Animal Farm” in Stara Zagora and proceed then to Serbia to create some work with performers for the INFANT  Festival in Novi Sad.

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