Felix Nobis

Felix Nobis

Translator and Performer
Born in Germany, raised in Australia, Felix was in residence in Ireland while he earned his Masters in Medieval Theatre and became a scholar of note. Felix is an excellent example of putting theory into practice, for as a scholar and actor he combines the critical analysis necessary to prepare the text for performance and then the doing of it. He had extensive training in Australia as an actor and playwright. In fact, he starred in film (i.e. with Nicole Kidman); has an extensive TV and Theatre resume and is an award-winning poet. His decision to pursue his graduate degree in Ireland and to focus on university teaching/performance along with his writing gave him a unique perspective and considerable talents to share with the ECSU community-at-large.

Felix toured Europe and the United States with Beowulf as actor/translator/adaptor of the famous and fabulous Medieval epic poem. His show was coined an energetic, passionate rendition of this tale; a truly spellbinding experience; a beguiling performance; and a masterly performance . Nobel Prize winning poet Seamus Heaney wholeheartedly endorsed Felixs translation and presentation of Beowulf and called it enthralling to a contemporary audience. In fact, after seeing Felixs performance of Beowulf (the whole bloody story!), Mr. Heaney took Felix out for food and drink to compare their experiences working on this monumental text.

Mr. Nobis also presented a University Hour in the Betty Tipton Room of the Student Center as the perfect introduction to Beowulf as he shared the process of translation, adaptation and performance. It was an introduction to the evening performances which followed in the Harry Hope Theatre. Mr. Nobis is now back in Australia starring in the TV legal / medical drama called MDA. He has just been awarded a grant to return to Ireland to write a new show which will span 3 generations of one family in Australia and Ireland. The piece is to look at immigration and the movement of stories and tales across continents and across generations. He hopes to visit ECSU sometime after shooting the TV series and before returning to Ireland to write his new modern epic.

Felix is two times winner of the Australian Poetry Cup and has held the posts of Writer-in-Residence, and Poet-in-Residence, at the Q Theatre (1992), and the Hawthorn City Council (1994) respectfully. Of his four completed plays, A Half Faced Mary was performed at the Sydney Opera House (1990), and Wasted was read at the Sydney Theatre Company (1993). He has performed his own poetry in Australia, America, and Europe.

As an actor, Felix has performed with Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, and Belvoir Street Theatre Company in a selection of roles. Film work includes the role of Jock Blair in John Duigans award winning Flirting, with Nicole Kidman. Television work includes Neighbours, Home and Away, A Country Practice. Also the mini-series Bodysurfer, and Heroes II. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the roles of Rob Griffin in the twenty-six part drama series JANUS, (released in Europe as Criminal Justice). In Ireland, Felix performed the one-man show The Christian Brother, also directed by Thomas Conway, at UCC and the Dublin ISDA awards.