Courses of Instruction: Dance

Courses of Instruction: Dance

While Eastern Connecticut State University does not have a degree program in Dance, it does offer introductory and advanced courses in dance, which are below.

In addition to dance classes, the university also provides several other opportunities to perform as a dancer. Some of our clubs are open to anyone wishing to participate, while others require a more formal audition. More information regarding these opportunities can be found via the following links:

Dance Team
Repertory Dance Troupe

DNC 130 Introduction to Dance
A survey of Western theatrical dance – ballet, modem dance, MTV – through lectures, film, video, and studio experiences. Students will gain a broad perspective on the current dance scene, and learn to write vividly about taped and live dance performances.

The following courses may be used for HPE activity credit:

Dance: Modern
A technique that integrates the use of weight, breath, expressiveness, and rhythm.

  • DNC 232 Modern Dance I Beginner
  • DNC 233 Modern Dance II Beginner Intermediate
  • DNC 334 Modern Dance III Intermediate
  • DNC 335 Modern Dance IV Advanced Intermediate

Dance: Jazz
A contemporary dance form using body isolations and rhythmic variations.

  • DNC 236 Jazz Dance I Beginner
  • DNC 237 Jazz Dance II Beginner Intermediate
  • DNC 338 Jazz Dance III Intermediate
  • DNC 339 Jazz Dance IV Advanced Intermediate

Dance: Ballet
A classical form of dance training which incorporates a basic dance vocabulary.

  • DNC 242 Ballet I Beginner
  • DNC 243 Ballet II Beginner Intermediate
  • DNC 344 Ballet III Intermediate
  • DNC 345 Ballet IV Advanced Intermediate

DNC 330 Concepts of Dance
A course in movement, observation and analysis. Students will become more sensitive observers of movement in the world around them, both theatrical and everyday movement, and will create a project applying a system of movement analysis (Laban studies) to an area of their own choosing.

DNC 346 Improvisation
Spontaneity and trust in one’s intuitive movement response is encouraged through dance structures that explore the creative process in dance. Sources for the investigation of one’s relationship to movement to self, others, and the environment are drawn from the kinetic, aural, visual, and dramatic arts.

DNC 347 Dance Workshop
Prerequisite: At least two full semesters of dance technique (Modern, Jazz, and/or Ballet).
Builds dance performance skills and provides opportunities for creative applications of materials taught.

DNC 395 Practicum In Dance
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and approval of department chairperson and dean.
An opportunity for students to apply dance skills in select practical situations.

DNC 445 Dance Composition
Prerequisite: DNC 346 or consent of instructor.
The craft of choreography is introduced and the process of creating dance is explored. Students compose and perform dance studies of their own creation.

DNC 491 Internship In Dance
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and approval of department chairperson and dean.