Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The Theatre major consists of two parts (for a total of 45 credits)

I. Required Core Courses (27 credits)
II. Concentration Electives (18 credits)

No grade of less than 2.0 (C) may be counted toward degree requirements for Theatre majors or minors.

1. Required Core Courses (27 credits)  Students are required to complete 27 credits of specifically designated THE Required courses as listed below.

2. Concentration Electives (18 credits) Students must select one of the discipline concentrations and complete 18 credits in the concentration. Students may choose one of the following: Acting; Directing; Dance & World Performance; or Theatre Technology, Design & Management.

To note:  Theatre majors may use THE 267, THE 268, or THE 270 for the major and the LAC Tier One Arts-in-Context requirement; and THE 275 for the major and the LAC Tier Two Creative Expressions.

I. Required Core Courses

Through completion of these required courses, students gain a global perspective on the societies throughout history that fostered theatrical activity; explore the creative process of play production as inspired by the director’s vision and realized by the creative and technical staff; develop vocal and physical skills through the communicative act of performing literature and acquire hands-on practical experience through onstage, backstage, and front-of-house activities.
THE172Acting I for Majors3
THE176Fundamentals of Design3
THE267*World Theatre History I: Ancient through 17th Century3
THE268*World Theatre History II: 17th Century through Present3
THE270*Directing I (Writing Intensive 2)3
THE275**Technical Theatre3
THE364Performance in America (Writing Intensive 3)3
And a total of 3 credits from the following with at least 1 of the 3 from THE 227:
THE227Theatre Design/Technical Practicum
THE228Theatre Performance/Rehearsal Practicum
THE392Practicum In Theatre
Total: 3
And please choose 1 of the following with advice and approval of Advisor:
THE472***Auditioning for the Stage and Screen3
THE473***Producing and Directing3
THE474***Experimental Theatre: Theory and Performance3
THE481***Senior Project in Theatre3

II. Concentration Electives
(Please choose 18 credits in one concentration.)

Through more in depth study of history, theory, and performance as offered in the following courses, students have the option to further develop performance skills; explore the global spectrum (both western and non-western) of theatrical production; and experience the creative process of theatre technology and design; while developing an appreciation for and commitment to the collaborative process.
A. Acting
Required Foundation (12 credits)
THE171Improvisation & Physical Theatre3
THE174Stage Voice3
THE273Acting II3
THE372Acting III3
Electives (Choose 6 credits)
THE175Stage Combat3
THE365Special Topics In Theatre (Acting)3
THE376**Reader's Theatre3
THE377Advanced Movement for the Actor3
THE471On-Camera Acting3
THE499Site-Specific Theatre3
B. Directing
Required Foundation (12 credits)
THE260History/Theory of Performance Media3
THE271Directing II3
THE273Acting II3
THE374Directing III3
Electives (Choose 6 credits)
THE308(ENG 308) Playwriting (or COM 357 Scriptwriting)3
THE361Musical Theatre Performance3
THE365Special Topics In Theatre (Directing, Dramaturgy, History)3
THE470Children's Theatre3
THE471On-Camera Acting3
THE499Site-Specific Theatre3
C. Dance & World Performance
Required Foundation/Theory (6 credits)
THE269**Asian Theatre and Performance3
DNC280World Dance: Movement as Culture3
Required Foundation/Performance (9 credits)[choose one 2-course dance sequence and one from another)
DNC240West African Dance I3
DNC241West African Dance II3
DNC251Ballet I3
DNC253Modern Dance I3
DNC254Modern Dance II3
DNC351Ballet II3
Electives (Choose 3 credits)
FLM322World Cinema3
DNC365Special Topics (Dance, World Performance)3
DNC445Dance Composition3
THE375**Contemporary World Theatre and Performance3
D. Design, Technology & Management
THE261*Visual Storytelling3
THE276**Scenic Design3
THE277**Drawing in Digital 3D3
THE278**Introduction to Costuming & Make Up3
THE279*Costume History3
THE280**Theatre Lighting Technology & Design3
THE281**Theatre Sound Technology & Design3
THE282**Scenic Painting3
THE285Intermedial Performance Design I3
THE325Advanced Stagecraft3
THE365Special Topics In Theatre (Design, Technology, or Management)3
THE366Stage Management3
THE378**Costume Design3
THE379Pattern Making3
THE380Advanced Lighting Design3
Concentration Credit Total18
Core Requirements27
Total Credits45

*Fulfills TIER I of Liberal Arts Core

**Fulfills TIER II of Liberal Arts Core

***Fulfills TIER III of Liberal Arts Core