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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The Theatre major consists of two parts (for a total of 42 credits)

  1. Required Core Courses (24 credits)
  2. Concentration Electives (18 credits)

No grade of less than 2.0 (C) may be counted toward degree requirements for Theatre majors or minors.

1. Required Core Courses (24 credits) Students are required to complete 24 credits of specifically designated THE Required Core courses as listed below.

2. Concentration Electives (18 credits) Students must select one of the discipline concentrations and complete 15 credits in the concentration chosen and 3 credits in another concentration. Students may choose one of the following: Acting and Directing; History, Theory, and Criticism; or Theatre Technology and Design.

To note: Theatre majors may use THE 267 or The 268 or THE 270 for the major and the LAC Tier-One Arts-in-Context requirement; and THE 272 or THE 275 for the major and LAC Tier Two Creative Expressions.

I. Required Core Courses

Through completion of these required courses, students gain a global perspective on the societies throughout history that fostered theatrical activity; explore the creative process of play production as inspired by the director's vision and realized by the creative and technical staff; develop vocal and physical skills through the communicative act of performing literature; and acquire hands-on practical experience through onstage, backstage and front-of-house activities.

THE 172 Acting I for Majors 3
THE 267 World Theatre I: Ancient through 17th Century 3
THE 268 World Theatre II: 17th Century through Present 3
THE 270 Directing I (Writing Intensive 2) 3
THE 275 Technical Theatre 3
THE 373 Dramatic Theory and Criticism (Writing Intensive 3) or THE 375 Contemporary World Theatre (Writing Intensive 3) 3
THE 392 Practicum In Theatre 3
And please choose 1 of the following with advice and approval of Advisor:
THE 472* Auditioning for Stage and Screen 3
THE 475 Theatre on Tour: Short Stay 3
THE 476 Theatre on Tour: Long Stay 3
THE 480 Independent Study In Theatre 3
THE 495 Internship in Theatre 3
Total 24
II. Concentration Electives
(Please choose 15 credits in one concentration; 3 credits in another)

Through more in depth study of history, theory, and performance as offered in the following courses, students have the option to further develop performance skills; explore the global spectrum (both western and non-western) of theatrical production; and experience the creative process of theatre technology and design; while developing an appreciation for and commitment to the collaborative process.

A. Acting and Directing
THE 171 Improvisational Theatre 3
THE 173 Dance for the Actor (or DNC 232, DNC 236, & DNC 242) 3
THE 174 Stage Voice 3
THE 175 Stage Combat 3
THE 271 Directing II 3
THE 273 Acting II 3
THE 360 Theatre in the Elementary Classroom 3
THE 361 Musical Theatre Performance 3
THE 365 Special Topics In Theatre (re: Acting and Directing) 3
THE 372 Great Roles: Period Styles of Acting 3
THE 374 Directing III 3
THE 376 Reader's Theatre 3
THE 470 Children's Theatre 3
THE 471 On-Camera Acting 3
B.   History, Theory and Criticism
THE 269 Asian Theatre and Performance 3
THE 308 (ENG 308) Playwriting (or COM 357 Scriptwriting) 3
FLM 321 World Film 3
THE 365 Special Topics In Theatre (re: History, Theory, and Criticism) 3
THE 369 American Theatre 3
THE 375 Contemporary World Theatre and Performance 3
THE 474 Experimental Theatre: Theory and Performance* 3
C.   Theatre Technology and Design  
THE 276 Designing for the Stage 3
THE 277 Drawing in Digital 3D 3
THE 278 Introduction to Costuming and Make Up 3
THE 279 Costume History 3
THE 280 Theatre Lighting Technology and Design 3
THE 281 Theatre Sound Technology and Design 3
THE 282 Scenic Painting 3
THE 325 Advanced Stagecraft 3
THE 365 Special Topics In Theatre (re: Tech. Theatre and Design) 3
THE 366 Stage Management 3
THE 380 Advanced Lighting Design 3
Total 18
Total Credits 42

*Fulfills TIER III of Liberal Arts Core

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