Password FAQ

The information on this page will help you to answer these questions. We recommend that you print the Password FAQ for easy reference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Eastern students have University computer, Eastern email and Blackboard accounts automatically generated upon registration. These accounts all use the same username and password. Your username must be typed completely in lowercase and passwords must be typed in whatever case is appropriate. New and transfer students MUST logon to either a University-owned computer or from off-campus BEFORE attempting to logon to Blackboard or email.


Password Rules:

Your password must contain 3 of the following 4 elements:

  • lowercase letter(s)
  • Number symbols such as 1 2 3 …etc.
  • Special characters are allowed with the following exceptions: The & and < symbols are NOT PERMITTED

Your password must not contain any part of your username
Your password must be between 8 and 14 characters in length
The system remembers your last 8 passwords and will not allow them to be used again

Do you think that your password may have expired and/or you are experiencing trouble changing it from off-campus?

Eastern Students:

  • Passwords expire 90 days from the date of creation. If you suspect your password may have expired and you at any computer with Internet access, try logging on to the Password Reset Portalhttps://password.easternct.eduIf your password has expired you will be able to change it after correctly identifying your chosen graphic and security word. From on campus, you only need to try to logon to any University-owned computer on the campus network and you will be prompted to change your expired password during the logon process.IMPORTANT: If you see a message indicating that your password was successfully changed, please wait five (5) minutes before trying to logon to Blackboard. This allows time for the network to synchronize your new password to all servers.

Eastern Faculty/Staff:

  • If you suspect your password may have expired, try logging on to your Eastern email account. If your password has expired you will be prompted during the logon attempt. You will be presented with a dialog box telling you that your password has expired. The dialog box provides you with the ability to change your password.The remaining fields are self-explanatory. Be sure that your new password conforms to the Password Rules. Refer to the Password Rules section of this document if you have any questions about the rules. After you have completed all the fields, click on the OK button. You should see a message indicating that your password was successfully changed. If not, please read the appropriate section on this page based on the error message that you receive.
  • For Blackboard password issues please email

Don’t remember your password?

Eastern Students:

  • Browse to the Password Reset Portal and login by identifying the correct graphic and security word. If you do not remember the graphic or the security word, please call the Webb Hall 410 General Purpose Computer Lab for instructions on how to have your password reset. You may reach the lab by calling 860-465-4619. Listen to the hours and when prompted, press 2 to speak with a staff member for instructions on how to have your password reset.
  • If you are on-campus, you may visit the Lab with photo ID and make the request in-person. If you have any questions, the Lab Staff can provide assistance. Once your password has been successfully changed and your logon completed, be sure you can logon to Blackboard and your Eastern email accounts.

Eastern Faculty/Staff:

  • For Eastern email and computer account passwords Eastern faculty and staff members should call the ITS Help Desk at 860-465-4346 (x5-4346 from on-campus) for instructions.

Are you getting “incorrect username or password” messages when you try to logon to Blackboard?

Are you unable to logon to Blackboard, but see no error messages? Click here

All Blackboard users:

  • If you are experiencing “incorrect username or password” errors when logging onto Blackboard and are positive that you are typing the username and password correctly, the problem is most likely caused by an expired password. Please remember that your username MUST be typed completely in lowercase letters and your password must be typed in whatever case is appropriate.Blackboard will not prompt the user that the password has expired; it will only deny access and indicate an “incorrect username or password” error message on the Blackboard logon page. All Blackboard usernames and passwords are the same as your Eastern email and Eastern computer accounts. The password for all of these services expires every 90 days.Students recieve emails warning of upcoming password expiration date within 15, 7 and 1 day before the actual expiration date. In addition, whenever you logon to a University-owned computer you will also be notified that your password will expire beginning the fourteen days prior to expiration. Once your password has expired, you will be required to change the password before the logon would complete.

    Any student who is experiencing “incorrect username or password” messages when they attempt to logon to Blackboard should do the following:

    Logon to your Eastern email account and search your Inbox for a password expiration notice message

    If you find an expiration message, browse to

    Type in your username

    Choose your graphic and enter your security word.

    Once you have logged into the Password Reset Portal, you will have the option of changing your password – expired or not.

Once you have changed your password successfully, you will receive a message on-screen notifying you that your password was successfully changed. You should then go to the Blackboard logon page and be able to logon to Blackboard with your newly created password.

If you do not remember your Password Reset Portal graphic and/or security word, please contact the Webb Hall 410 Lab at 860-465-4619 and request assistance.

Eastern Faculty/Staff:

  • Please contact or call the Center for Instructional Technology @x5-5793 if you are experiencing username/password issues with Blackboard.

Are you unable to logon to Blackboard, but see no error messages?

If you are unable to logon to Blackboard, but see no error messages, check to see if you have a “pop-up blocker” installed and running. Pop-up blocking software is not compatible with Blackboard and must be disabled. If your computer has a pop-up blocker enabled, please consult the documentation for the pop-up blocker for information on how to disable it. Be sure to run the “Check Browser” by clicking here or from the link on the Blackboard Logon Page to be certain that your web browser is properly configured.

Are you having problems logging onto E-Web Online Services?

Eastern Students:

  • E-Web Online Services is Eastern’s student information system. Students access grades, register for course, view course schedules and more. You logon to the secure areas in E-Web by using your Eastern Student ID number and your E-Web PIN. If you do not remember your PIN you must call the ITS Help Desk at 860-465-4346 (on-campus call: x5-4346) for assistance.

Eastern Faculty/Staff:

  • Eastern faculty and staff should contact ITS Help Desk by calling x5-4346 for support.