Panopto Outage

On Saturday, December 17, Panopto will be upgraded to Panopto 5.3. This upgrade will require downtime. Sites will be offline from 7:00pm to 11:00pm EST. During the time the site is offline, you will not be able to access recordings on your server, and any attempts to upload from clients will result in a “Server unable to connect” message.

Blackboard Outage

This notification is to inform the Eastern community of upcoming system maintenance on Sunday, November 20th.  All systems will be shutdown starting at 6:00 p.m. in order to facilitate migration to a new DataCenter network.  Access to most systems including email, the Eastern website, network “Z” drives, and Banner services will be intermittent if not unavailable during this migration.  Every effort will be made to have all systems back up and running by 10:00 p.m.

We have been able to maintain Ethernet (wired) Internet service from which Blackboard can be accessed directly at the following link: .  We also expect the following library services to be available over Ethernet:


In addition, limited campus wireless will be available if users connect PRIOR to the work commencing at 6pm and remain in the same location during the work.

The work being done on Sunday evening is not a regularly scheduled maintenance task.  You may recall that earlier in the semester one of the older network components that had been scheduled for a more orderly replacement suffered a complete failure.  ITS must replace it’s equally old peer device in as expeditious a manner as possible to preclude having a university wide failure without notice.  If that remaining router failed unexpectedly, we are looking at a much longer recovery time — probably spanning days (and the odds are it won’t happen on a weekend).

Blackboard Notifications Not Working

Due to issues with the notifications feature of Blackboard, the BOR will be turning off the feature on May 20. The system will no longer send automatic notifications. This does not affect the Announcement tool, Send Email tool, or Course Messages, all of which continue to work. Blackboard states that they intend to fix the issue, but have no ETA for a solution.

Why Can’t I See My Courses

Students who can’t see a Blackboard course or can’t see material in Blackboard should contact their professor to determine if this is their intention or not. Some professors hide their courses until the first day of class. Some hide material until they are ready to make it available.

Faculty who encounter students who have issues accessing content they believe should be available to them should contact

Blackboard Learn Add User Request Form

This form should be filled out by the course owner for the purpose of adding users to their Blackboard classes, users not already added by the registration process. This form is not for adding registered students. Add/Drop is handled by the registrar and automatically updates your Blackboard rosters. This form will authorize CIT to add TAs, and other instructors to existing blackboard classes, and up to six regular students in extenuating circumstances. The form should be filled out once for each request.

For a number greater than six, please email to discuss the issue.

Please and follow the instructions in the form.

Blackboard Learn Add User Request Form:

Course Combination Request Form

This form should be filled out by the course owner for the purpose of combining separate Blackboard sections into a single section. This is not for combining Cross Listed Courses. Cross Listed Courses should be combined automatically.

IMPORTANT: The combination process will remove any content from the existing sections. Do not import material into your sections until you have received an email from CIT confirming that your request has been completed.

After submission, a CIT staff member will request a confirmation by Eastern email. The request will be completed when we receive your confirmation. If the sections to be combined are owned by different instructors, both instructors will have to approve the process before any action will take place.

Once we complete your request you will see a new section in your course list. The former sections will still be listed for the instructor but are listed as unavailable. The new combined section is where you put your content. Your students only see the course title and section for which they are registered, they will not see the combined section title.

Course Combination Request Form