One Percent for Art, Eastern’s Public Art

As a public institution, Eastern Connecticut State University has cultivated a collection of public works of art as part of Connecticut’s Art in Public Spaces program and in concert with its facility’s expansion. “Connecticut’s Art in Public Spaces Program was established by the General Assembly in 1978 and specifies that not less than 1% of the cost of construction or renovation of publicly accessible state buildings be allocated for the commission or purchase of artwork for that building…The purpose of the Art in Public Spaces program is to provide the citizens of Connecticut with an improved public environment by investing in creative works of high quality for public buildings. The program adds visibility to the cultural heritage of the state and its people.”

Eastern Connecticut State University’s ‘One Percent for Art’ art collection highlights specific themes associated with the greater ideals of higher education, the natural beauty and history of Connecticut, and the role of creativity and imagination in the learning process.  Please enjoy this virtual tour of our collection and then take a closer look the next time you visit our campus.