Teaching Philosophy


Earth science courses are daunting; complex terminology and unfathomable time scales and processes require a combination of diligence and abstract thinking that most undergraduates do not walk through the door possessing.  The role of an earth science educator is to distill complicated processes down to the basics, build these basic ideas into core concepts, and then make connections between earth process and their everyday lives.  Most students have unknowingly interacted with geologic processes in their lives.  A simple trip to the beach or a walk around campus looking at the local geology can unlock past experiences, and link it with current learning, or spark a previously unrecognized curiosity in earth science that begins a career.  My role as an instructor is that of a mentor, guiding students through a course, research project, assignment, or discussion in a manner that allows a student to explore their own interests within the context of a class.


If you are motivated, independent thinking student interested in pursuing a research project with me, stop by my office: 265 Science Building

Student Research Projects