Rahmanifar Exhibits in Norwich

Afarin Rahmanifar, assistant professor of painting and drawing, displayed her works at Three Rivers Community College Art Gallery from June 11 through July 27.

Rahmanifar’s mixed media installations “The Women of Shahnameh: The Memories Between,” an epic Persian poem written in the early 11th century by the poet Firdausi that covers the mythic origins and historic periods of Persia before the Islamic conquest of 651 CE.

Art and Art History Professor Gail Gelburd, described the exhibition as “magnificent.” Linguistics Professor Elena Tapia called it “exquisite.”

Rahmanifar’s installations immersed viewers in celebratory alternative  readings of  the Shanameh, inviting her audiences to reconsider who should be considered heroic and what acts and bodies are foundational for civilization.  She emphasized the actions and virtues of Persian women, real and mythic in an installation connected to issues critical for both members of Iranian diaspora and  U.S. audiences.