Philosophy (B.A.)

Philosophy is one of the core disciplines of a liberal arts education, going back to the time of the great Greek philosophers Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Today, more than half of the member colleges of the national Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges offer philosophy majors. Philosophy is the foundation of all knowledge.   

This new major in Philosophy at Eastern will prepare students to think critically, develop their complex reasoning skills, learn to analyze and solve problems, and study moral and ethical issues that confront mankind on a global scale. Taught in a comparative model, the program will explore both Western and non-Western philosophies, including Peace and Human Rights, Asian Philosophies, Global Ethics, American Political Thought, Western Philosophy, Logical Inquiry and Jainism. Students will study topics ranging from bioethics and the philosophy of science to existentialism, aesthetics, and phenomenology. Philosophy degrees prepare graduates to succeed across the occupational spectrum. For instance, philosophy majors have the highest acceptance rate of all disciplines for entry into law school, at 85 percent. 

One of the major functions of philosophy is the development of the tools of reasoning so that one can think critically and creatively. The rigor of the reasoning process enables one to solve problems and to make wise, sound and moral decisions.

Major Requirements



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