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National Guard Education Program Changes

Effective June 2011, United States Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers will begin the transition to GoArmyEd, the Army's enterprise education system serving both components as a Virtual Gateway to Education-Anytime, Anywhere.

GoArmyEd currently supports Active Duty and Army Reservists as a one-stop Web site that allows Soldiers, Army Education Counselors, and schools to conduct business for all education needs in a seamless Soldier-centric environment. June's transition realizes the Army's vision for an enterprise system serving all Army components.

GoArmyEd will give you 24/7 online access to register for classes, access to your counselor, school, or the GoArmyEd Helpdesk, and many self-service features that put you in the driver's seat as you plan for and pursue your education goals. You will be able to identify courses that advance you toward your degree and view your tuition assistance (TA) balance for the year. You'll also be able to review your individual degree plan, student record, course history, grades, and other information necessary to reach your goals. In addition, the GoArmyEd portal will enable you to withdraw from classes or request military withdrawals, resolve recoupments and holds, and request reimbursements for courses not offered through the portal... all online.

So, what do you need to do? At this time, nothing is required of you other than reading this message, which is intended to give you advance notice of the exciting changes affecting the way you access your TA benefits. GoArmyEd will be sending out invitations for you to set-up an account in June 2011, which will include detailed directions to support your transition. Key milestone dates to be aware of are:

         4 June 2011-Schools with historical ARNG enrollments set-up in GoArmyEd; ARNG Soldiers begin setting up accounts in GoArmyEd; after completing their account set-ups, ARNG Soldiers will be restricted from requesting TA in GoArmyEd until 1 August 2011.

         1 August 2011-ARNG Soldiers begin requesting TA in GoArmyEd for courses that start on or after 1 October 2011. ARNG Soldiers will continue to use the current National Guard system to request courses that start prior to 1 October 2011.

         1 October 2011-All ARNG Soldiers and Army education personnel begin using GoArmyEd to manage TA for courses that start on or after 1 October 2011; schools using GoArmyEd receive TA requests, process grades, and submit invoices for courses that start on or after 1 October 2011; the current National Guard education system is used only for grade reporting, invoicing, and recoupment processing for courses that started prior to 1 October 2011.

If you currently have an active GoArmyEd account simply continue to use the system based on your current eligibility.

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