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Women's Basketball: Starting Strong (4-0)

By Jessica Blodgett


Smoove is back...

Coming out of Thanksgiving break we have a record of 4-0. We've had a great start but we have a long road ahead of us, and ya'll, we are ready! Our first four games we have been playing well or as we like to say, as a "we". We've been capitalizing on our team defense, rebounding, and decision making, so if ya'll want to see some good basketball come check us out.

One of our top team goals is to make a statement every game. We play every possession as if the score is 0-0. Thanks to our team chemistry our future looks promising. We need all of ya'lls support; hope to see you there!


Women's Basketball: Tipping Off with Championship!

By Jessica Blodgett


Hi ya'll, JB $mooove in da house...

First time blog here and what a thing to blog about... TIP-OFF TOURNEY CHAMPIONS! Coming into the season we set high expectations for our team knowing our capabilities. Winning our own tip-off tournament was our first goal and man what a feeling it is to come out on top.

It was a long pre-season and we were very anxious for our first game to come about. So needless to say we were counting down the days for the tourny to arrive. We knew we had a tough challenge ahead facing Tufts but our confidence and determination to prove ourselves as a top team in the nation was our driving force.

Personally, I'm very proud of our team and how we stuck together. With all returners and a few new additions we've formed a close and unbreakable bond, so don't mess. I love ya'll!

Stay classy Willimantic - Smoove



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