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Men's Soccer: Redemption in LEC Semifinals is Sweet!

By Matt Kalmin


Hey everyone!

It's Matt again here to update you all on our progress.  
As most of you know, we sustained  a tough defeat last Saturday at UMass Dartmouth.  The elements ended up getting the better of us and we lost 1-0.  But, after a few days of physically and mentally preparing ourselves, we took them on again in the LEC semifinal game Wednesday.  We started off the game with high intensity because we knew our season was on the line.  Carl Stensland put in the first two goals for us with great composure.  In the second half, Zach Kice connected with Mitch Power two more times to total four goals for us.  The game ended 4-0 and we are moving onto the conference championship this Saturday home against Keene State!  We also will have everyone back and healthy for Saturday's game.  That's right folks, Sean Collins and Kyle Suprenant will be back and we will have everyone healthy for the first time this year!  The future is looking brilliant!

Everyone come out and support us in our conquest of the NCAA title... one game at a time.

"Make them remember the night, forever, that they played the Warriors"

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