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Men's Soccer:Little East Opener a Success!

By Matt Kalmin


Hey everyone,

Matt again getting back to you after an exciting weekend up at Nevers Field.  

This past Wednesday we played a hard fought game away at Wheaton which resulted in a 1-1 tie.  Matt Furman scored in regular time with 22 seconds left on the clock.  We picked up a few bumps and bruises and recovered our injured players the next couple of days.  

In our conference home opener against Rhode Island College we pulled off an exciting win.The game remained tied throughout regulation with things getting heated between us and RIC.  As soon as the overtime started Sean Collins decided enough was enough. Aaron Smiles played a ball over the top of the defense to Sean.  Sean blazed by the RIC defenders leaving them in his dust and chipped a ball over the goalie to the far post.  Matt Furman soared above his defender and smashed in a header to win the game 37 seconds into over time.  This week we have everyone back and healthy and ready to take on Trinity and Plymouth State



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