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Softball: Looking Good Since Returning North

By Molly Rathbun and Rosie Manzo


Hey There Softball Fans, 

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, things have been pretty crazy in the world of Eastern Softball.

Last time you heard from us we were in beautiful sunny Florida. we finished up our spring trip 7-3, and overall we were pretty happy with our efforts.

Since returning north we have played Wesleyan, Springfield, UMass Boston, and Southern Maine, winning both games in each doubleheader.

Wesleyan and Springfield were good regional wins for us and UMass Boston and Southern Maine were our first conference opponents.

Everyone has been contributing and we are playing very well as a unit. We just need to keep the good mojo going! We had  tough games scheduled for Tuesday against  Coast Guard at UConn, but they were rained out. It would have been No. 1 in New England (Coast Guard) against No. 2 in New England If both of our teams continue to win, we may meet for the second straight year in the regional tournament next month..  

Thanks for following and your continuous support!



Molly & Rosie


"Working together works!"


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