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Men's Lacrosse: Motivation Fueled Win over Conn

By Michael Glennon


Hello everyone,

Since I had last informed all of you we have had three more games, and  we are about to begin conference play. 

We played Mount Ida at home March 19 and from the opening face-off never looked back.  I was a great victory for us that not only did we come out with a win we were able to get everyone in the game, which is important for the future success of our program.  We have a lot of talent in our younger guys and it will be very exciting to come back watch this team and a alumni and see the success of these guys in the next years to come. 

Against Mount Ida,  we had more scoring coming from underclassmen than from the upperclassmen.  We knew that the Mount Ida game was a good confidence game going into a ranked Amherst College team right before the start of our spring break.  We traveled to Amherst to take on another good team to prove our worthiness as national contenders.  Unfortunately, after battling back and  forth in a high-paced game we entered our spring break without a victory.  I will tell you though that we learned a lot from that loss about the character of our team.  Although we lost, we battled every second of that game, we hustled, hit hard, and were fearless against a good team.  I know that they will be scared to play us again.  A team that gives its all and loses is a very dangerous team because we know the lengths that we are capable of. 

After all returning home for home-cooked meals, clean laundry, and some "gas money" we all returned  to Eastern Saturday for practice ready to take on Connecticut College the following Tuesday under the lights.  Let me first start by saying that when a visiting team walks into your own locker room on gameday,  interfers with your space, and pregame rituals, nothing gets you more angry and salivating for a win.  With Conn College using our space we all headed down on our walk to the field with that fire in our eyes.  We knew we were about to face a good team but this one became personal.  We faced off and to their credit they battled back and forth with us never giving up.  We as a team fought adversity with penalities, and the cold night's weather.  It came down to the the last minutes when all of you that attended helped with your cheers, and home-field advantage support made us realize we knew we were going to score the game winning goal with only 30 seconds to go in regulation play.  With the cheers of our fans, lacrosse under the lights, and our powerful defense, Conn College was not even able to get off a shot in the final seconds of play.

We now look to start our conference play this Saturday when we take on Southern Maine, and for those who were there remember, it was a chippy game. So be sure to come check this game out as once again the Warriors take on a team that even chippiness and toughness don't stand ground to our desire to win.   Thank you all for your continous support and I look forward to updating you again. 


 ECSU vs. Southern Maine, Saturday April 2, 1 pm @ ECSU

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