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Softball: Warriors Hop Into 2011 Season

by Rosie Manzo and Molly Rathbun

How bout that ride in? It's finally here! Softball season!

Upon arriving to Florida..out of all the magnificent places to go..what's our first stop? IHOP!, where we got 27 2x2x2's (delicious) and 27 individual bills...what an event.

We had our first practice on a real softball field today! it felt great to be outside and we are all loving this 85 degree weather. :)

After a long indoor six-week preseason, our first two games of the season are against in-region opponent, Wellesley College, and D'Youville College.

 In these past few weeks we've had our ups and downs. the worst would be losing two teammates to injuries (Kassondra Silva-knee, Taylor Cournoyer-shoulder)..even though they are not here with us in florida, due to them both having surgery this week, their still here with us in spirit and we still have high hopes for success this week. LOVE YOU GUYS!

 That's all for now. we'll check in after a couple games and let you know how things have been going. thanks for the support! Lets get it East!

 Rosetta Manzoni & Molly Ratburn

P.S....in case you missed the news a few weeks ago..we will be getting a softball fieldd!!!!! yayyy!!! :)



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