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Women's Track & Field: Persevering Through the Cold

Hey everyone,

Sorry I missed updating about last week, so I'll do it now...

Last weekend the track & field team competed at Northeastern's Husky Open Invite. Most of our distance crew took on the challenge of the 10k, quite a hurdle to overcome, 25 laps, first meet of the year. First time participants in the 10k were freshman Katie France, Alexa Palasky, Haley Smith and Wendy Bouton. After the race most of them said it was one of the hardest races they've ever run!!!

Coming back for another shot at the 10k were Amanda Quinones, setting a PR of 39:14, Amanda Ericson, setting a PR of 45:37. Melissa Healy also joined in running a 10k time not far from her PR time. Denica Gagnon also ran a first time race, running her first 5k on the track at a time of 21:58.

On the jumping side, Lauren Hultzman placed fiftth in the high jump and Amy Huhn placed fourth in the pole vault.

This past weekend we competed at Bridgewater State's Bears' Invitational. Once again we faced the cold weather, but managed to persevere with some good times, and distances.

On the distance side, Amanda Quinones placed eigthth in the 1500 with a time of 5:07 while Brittany Lane debuted in her first 5k ever and Amanda Ericson PR'ed in the 5k running a time of 21:38.

In sprints and jumps, Lauren Hultzman placed second in the high jump, while Cora Gingras placed fifth. Cora also placed in the 400m hurdles coming in fifth place, while Ashlee James finished seventh. Ashlee also placed fiftth in the triple jump and Amy Huhn placed second in the pole vault.

In the throws, Sarah Krulicki placed fourth in the hammer and Devany Henderson placed fifth.

Next week we compete at Coast Guard Academy.

Right now the weather looks cold and snowy... let's cross our fingers the weathermen are wrong!!!!

-Ashlee James

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