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Women's Lacrosse: Optimistic as Season Approaches

By Lauren St. Pierre and Megan Barrett


Hi Everyone!


 Time is flying by! Preseason is almost already over and games will be beginning shortly! Unfortunately we have not had much time out on the turf, but were hoping to be out there on a regular basis soon. Although we lost a number of key players from last year, our team has gained several newcomers and we are eager to start the season. Our team is not the only thing growing; coach's stomach is as well! Congrats coach!


We are looking forward to several things this season. For spring break, we will be travelling to sunny Florida for a few games and some fun in the sun! And this year we hope to make it back into the Little East Conference championship, and get the win. Our first scrimmage will be against UMass Amherst club team on February 26th. On March 3, we will be traveling to Babson College for our first regular-season game. We are all looking forward to this season and we hope to see you at the games!


Also, please help support Eastern Women's Lacrosse by purchasing an Eastern Warriors wristband, which will be  available shortly!


We'll be back soon!


Lauren and Megan

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