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Women's Indoor Track: Getting Ready for Conference

by Ashlee James

Sorry women's indoor track has not been represented in the blogs so far in our season...

This season, we have continued to get into better and better shape as a team. Before the break, we competed at Springfield and at Harvard and then after almost 2 months of no competition, we competed at Coast Guard and finally this past Saturday at Springfield.

This past weekend's meet gave us confidence and we are looking forward to conferences next week! The pentathlon record was broken by both Lauren Hultzman and Cora Gingras, Cora's name will go in the record book as she scored the highest, finishing second overall, Lauren finished fourth. Cora also qualified for D3 New England's with her final score of 2532 points. Lauren missed qualifying by only 22 points -- ery impressive for a freshman! The pentathlon is a very demanding competition that requires various skills as well as levels of endurance and speed as it includes the 55 hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and 800m.

In the rest of the meet, freshman Amy Huhn also qualified for D3 New England's in pole vault with a vault of 9 feet and a quarter inch. Maggie Gibeault also scored in the pole vault. Amanda Quinones set a PR in the 3K, running to a second place finish. Other freshmen stepped up contributing to the score: Katie France (mile), Brittany Lane (1000) and Haley Smith (1000).

We now enter our "taper week," which includes the days before conference where we lessen the load of our workouts to ensure our legs are as ready as they can be for one of the most important competitions of the year. We look with confidence to the many underclassmen who were great this week and all the seniors are ready to kill it out there in our last indoor conference championship of our career!

Catch you next week after our long ride home from USM.

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