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Men 's Basketball: We're Busy in Cali

By Jamie Kohn

pier72dpi_8733.jpgHey everyone, Jamie here.  I hope you all had a great Christmas!  Everyone on the team had a great break and worked to stay in shape, so that we could start the winter session where we left off at the end of first semester.  Unfortunately, we have encountered a few setbacks in the form of an ankle sprain by Mike Garrow and a recent ankle injury to Hamilton Levy, but both are working hard to get back into the swing of things asap. 

Above: The Santa Monica Pier, located five blocks from the team's hotel

With the exception of the injuries,  the team looks good and we had only a quick two days of practice after Christmas before hopping on a plane to LA, which is where I am writing from!  Unfortunately, the trip took a bit - OK, a lot - longer than we had hoped, as our second flight, from Baltimore, was delayed by almost 2 hours.  It then stopped in Kansas City before heading toward LA, so we were on that second plane for a total of at least 7 hours before landing at LAX, which wasn't too much fun or comfortable.  We got through it though, and as we soon found out, Cali is well worth the long trip!

We are staying at the Sheraton Delfina hotel in Santa Monica.  It's a very nice area with beaches, including the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, right nearby. It's been nice and in the 50s mostly, which is great for us, coming from the blizzard back in Connecticut, but it's very cold for the people here of course.  We have had two great practices the last two days, both at the Cal Tech facility, which is our first opponent. 

On the way to Cal Tech, we drive right through the street that hosts the Rose Bowl parade, and we can see Hollywood as well as the Staples Center!  Speaking of the Staples Center, our coaches got us tickets to the Clippers-Jazz game, which was of course an awesome experience!  We got to watch Blake Griffin drop 30 points and throw down some crazy dunks, but Al Jefferson and the Jazz were just too good and won by about ten.

Well, I'm just about ready to hit the bed and get ready for Day 4 of our trip.  Tomorrow, we will practice and then maybe go somewhere as a team, possibly Venice Beach.  Bill will get back to you later in the week with more updates on the trip and our weekend games.

Happy New Year and see you soon!


P.S.  Oh, I promised a shoutout to my roommate Joey Ives - I would say he's the best roommate ever, but he has to control his snoring a little bit first (jk)...

Men's Basketball: A Strong First Semester FInish

By Jamie Kohn and BIll Roveto


Hey Everyone!

It was been a CRAZY two weeks since we last blogged.  After that one, at which point we stood at 2-1, we played six games in less than two weeks! 

It started with back-to-back non-conference games vs. The College of New Jersey and Conn. College.  We did not play our best ball against TCNJ but came out with a victory, and then had to turn around quickly, because we knew we needed a better effort to beat Conn.  It was a hard-fought game that, once again, went into overtime (for the third straight year, I believe).  Like last year, we pulled it together and played some of our best ball in the overtime, winning 71-61. 

After this we had three practices dedicated to the huge task at hand, namely the first LEC game at  Rhode Island College on Saturday. Dec. 4.  Both teams were pumped and ready for battle when Saturday came around, and it proved to be a defensive battle as the first half ended with a score of 19-17.  We were able to get going more offensively in the second half and took an eight-point lead, but RIC was able to come back and tie it in the last few minutes, setting up a half-court shot that went for them at the buzzer to give them the three-point victory.  Needless to say, it was an extremely tough loss, given the magnitude of this game and how hard we had worked to try and beat this team.

Well, no matter how much we were down after that loss, we had to somehow regroup and move on to focus on the next game.  We are convinced that we will learn from this and turn things around the next time we play RIC, and we showed our resilience by coming back and posting two convincing non-league victories with a blow-out of Suffolk and a win over a good Endicott team.  Then came a huge game against Plymouth State - both of us started 0-1 in the league and one of us would drop to 0-2 after this game, which is a tough position to be in.  We made sure not to put ourselves in that position by grabbing a lead and holding on to it this time, even expanding it in the end to come out with the 82-65 win. 

Well, overall it was a fun but tough stretch and we certainly had to endure some adversity, but we came out looking strong with a 7-2 overall record, 1-1 in the LEC, and riding a three-game winning streak into the break.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas - on the next update, we will be telling you about our time in CALIFORNIA after Christmas!!


Talk to you then!

Jamie and Bill

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