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Women's Cross Country: We Topped RIC... Like We Knew We Could!

By Ashlee James


It always tends to be RIC that we're competing closely against in the Little East Conference.

They beat us by ONE point at our home meet, and we tend to finish closely at big meets. So this weekend, everyone was determined to beat any RIC girl who was anywhere near them, and we did just that, beating RIC by two points in New England Alliance scoring and by one point in the LEC scoring. We beat them when it counted the most!!!

The course at Moore State Park in Paxton, MA was tough with unforgiving rolling hills. If you weren't powering up a hill, you were powering down one. There were no flat areas to relax, only hills to prove your strength. One hill in the first mile of the race is comparable to High Street, and anyone who has had to walk or run up that hill back to campus from the baseball field or track, knows that is not an easy hill. The hills did not stop us as we raced to a very respectable seventh place finish in the Alliance and a  fourth place finish in the LEC.

Amanda Quinones ran to a 12th place finish in Alliance and 10th place finish in the LEC. Rounding out our top seven  were  Katie France, Cora Gingras, Alexa Palasky, seniors Melissa Healy and Amanda Ericson (running their last conference xc championships) and Denica Gagnon. Every runner put in a super effort and we are excited to compete in the ECAC Championships at Colt State Park (Bristol, RI) this weekend!

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