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Women's Soccer: Believe it or Not...

By Stephanie Norell and Lauren Hickey


Steph and Lauren here. In disbelief, but we're here!

If you would have asked us during pre-season if we thought the season was going to turn out like this, we would have told you you were crazy. 16-0-5, two NCAA wins under our belt, hosted first and second round NCAA games, and now we're in the Sweet 16??

Yeah, we would have looked at you pretty funny if you asked us that three months ago.

This entire season has been surreal. After our double OT loss in penalty kicks in the semi-final round of the Little East Conference tournament to UMass Boston, we weren't sure how things were going to go with the NCAA. But now that we are in the third round of the NCAA tournament and have the possibility of going to San Antonio, TX, for the Final Four, we now have a lot more to play for.

The farther we go, the more we know how much support is behind us at Eastern.

Now more than ever we're playing for the name on the front of our jerseys. Wish us luck in the tail-end of our season!

Steph and Lauren

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