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Men's Cross Country: You Can't Beat the Heat

By Casey McGarvey

Its been an exciting two weeks for the men's cross country team. We traveled to Boston's Franklin Park for the famous Codfish Bowl race on September 25. We not only raced other colleges, but also some club runners. It was hot day and at the start of the men's race it was well above 80 degrees. There was a strong breeze in the air which made the heat deceiving. The course had some difficult spots and made the running somewhat difficult, but everyone powered through the heat and showed an incredible amount of perseverance battling through the heat and high-level competition.

The Wednesday after the meet, the team had a memorable workout. Some people were still a little down about not running their best on Saturday. We traveled to a trail near Storrs and warmed up for a hill workout. It was a very difficult hill but everyone battled through and had an excellent workout. It boosted a lot of peoples' confidence again. We had a well deserved weekend off this past weekend and are off to race again this weekend at Westfield State.

Don't forget, October 16th is our home meet at Mansfield Hollow. Come out and support us as we battle RIC.

Signing off till next time.

-- Casey

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