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Women's Soccer: ... and We Keep Going

By Stephanie Norell and Lauren Hickey

Who would of thunk? 10-0-1? We can't rely solely on our record, but we have worked for every win.

Eastern  women's soccer is starting to mesh and play like one cohesive unit. With two back-to-back 2-0 wins against formidable foes UMass Boston and Wesleyan, we are progressing forward with our season. Taylor Buchanan has had some big goals for us, and our balanced scoring attack is still on fireeee.

Only time will tell if we continue to take care of business on and off the field. But with the ever so far away Southern Maine opponent coming up this weekend for our Little East Conference  trip, anything can happen. We need to continue showing up for every game. And Coach needs to keep us doing P90x.

And "Disturbia" needs to keep playing before games.

Wish us Luck,

Steph and Lauren

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