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Women's Soccer: Against WestConn, One Goal Was Enough!

By Lauren Hickey and Stephanie Norell


Hey guys, Lauren and Steph here!

Well,  if you were not there on Saturday you missed a GAME!  Who would have thought that one goal would stand up against Western Connecticut; but it did.  Within the first four minutes of the game Taylor Buchanan struck the ball within the eighteen yard box into the back of the net. 

We came out very strong with a lot of rah rah on our side.  After the goal our midfield and defense was effective against the WestConn forwards by passing very nicely and gettting us out of pressure quickly.  Our forwards were high-pressuring and providing scoring opportunities.

When we came out in the second half, however, it was a slow start and WestConn came out with vigor.  They were not giving up because the next goal was a big one.  It was the difference between taking the wind out of WestConn's sails or getting them back into the game with a tie.  The play went back and forth for the whole 45 minute period.  We again had some chances to put more points on the board, but WestConn did as well.  After a game- winning save by Theresa Pagnozzi and the heart of the Warriors,  the second half finally ended.  The battle of the DIII state schools went to Eastern Connecticut!

On Wednesday we take on Westfield State home at 7p.m.!  We will be back hopefully with a "W."

 Lauren and Steph

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