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Men's Soccer: Putting a Tough Week (0-2) Behind Us

By Rick Emery and Sean Capezzone


Hey guys, thanks for checking in!

This week was a tough one for all of us with back-to-back losses to Trinity College and Keene State.

None of us on the team enjoy losing so we have been working hard on the training pitch in order to get ourselves prepared for Tuesday night's contest with Salem State. Instead of reminicing on our past defeats we are looking toward getting back to our winning ways and improving our record this week. Salem State is always a tough team to play on the road, but the players are all feeling confident after a long film session and tough practice Sunday morning. We all know what the team is capable of and are aware that we still have a long season ahead. Keep up the support, we need it now more than ever!

 We'll have another update for you all after the game on Tuesday up in Salem...wish us luck!



Rick and Cakes

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