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Women's Cross Country: After Running Through, Mixed Results

By Ashlee James


Hey all, Ashlee here...

I had a hard time deciding what to say about our meet Saturday at Franklin Park in Boston. We went into this meet with high expectations of fast times as we had heard it was a very fast course. Unfortunately, sometimes when we run though meets (don't ease up on training in the days before the race) we can all end up a little disappointed with our times.The course was harder than we expected and was very dusty, with poor footing, and definitely not as flat as UMass Dartmouth's course last week.

But regardless of the barriers, everyone pushed through to the finish line. Leading us off for the third week in a row was Amanda Quinones, followed again by freshmen Katie France and Alexa Palasky who have been our top three every meet this season. Rounding out the top five were Melissa Healy and Denica Gagnon.

Our next meet is in two weeks at Westfield State. We go to this meet every year and the course is a true woods and trail cross country course. Hopefully we will all see some great times =)

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