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Women' Soccer: Disturbia Dancing Providing the Edge

By Lauren Hickey and Stephanie Norell


Lauren and Steph reporting in!

Coming back from Fitchburg State  last night with a 4-0 victory is definitely the way we wanted to conclude our evenings. We're so proud of the entire team for such a great start to the season! We now have the same record as men's soccer (ironic). Undefeated! We held off the constantly-working Falcons for 90 minutes, and with a balanced scoring attack, we were lethal. They had a nice turf field, but I think we left our mark on Elliot Field. We personally believe that it's the "Disturbia" dancing in the locker room before games that gives us our extra kick in games.

We hope to continue on this trend and bring an edge to our first LEC game this Saturday against West Connnn! Arch rivals for years, we hope to avenge their annual success against us by beginning our four-game homestand with a WIN.

We'll keep you posted,

Steph and Lauren

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