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Women's Soccer: At Manhattanville, Fitness Paid Dividends

By Lauren HIckey and Stephanie Norell


We came back from our first overnight trip to Purchase, New York with smiling faces and tired bodies.  The smiles were from gaining four points this weekend going 1-0-1, and the bodies, well you know it was the second weekend of back-to-back games on the road.  As of right now we are doing pretty well getting ourselves off the van (unfortunately no busses yet) and accomplishing what needs to be done. 

Both games this weekend had a slow start, which has been the opposite from last weekend.  We took some time finding our style of play, but when we did the teams were both taken back.  Against Montclair on Saturday we were playing back and forth for a while, and although they scored first we dug deep and got one back by our very own freshman from Jersey (Nicole).  After we scored we had a lot of other chances that did not quite make it in the breadbasket, but we had Montclair on their toes. 

Sunday's game against Vassar College began the same, and again we were playing catch-up.  Very shortly after, our fitness kicked in and were able to place the ball in the net, well really Daniela rolled herself in with the ball from a scuffle in the box.  At this time the momentum was on our side forcing the Vassar defense to bunker down and try to keep the score tied.  Their defense was no match for Kelly Wallace who scored the second goal by striking the ball beautifully into the net.  All in all, our fitness took care of the weekend because when the opposing teams were fatigued, that is when we had the upper hand.

We will keep you up to date!


-Lauren and Steph

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