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Women's Cross Country: Fitchburg... And It's a BIG Hill

By Ashlee James

Hey All!
Its about time cross country is represented on this blog, so here we go...

This past Friday, we opened up our season at the Fitchburg Invitational.

We arrived at Coggshall Park in Fitchburg, MA about an hour before what we believed to be the men's start time. The men went to warm up and the women walked the infamous BIG hill on the course in hopes to not get lost (like myself and a few others did last year). At about 3:30 (a half hour before race time) we were getting a little pre-warmup jogging in when two of the men met up with us, frantic, telling us that the women were actually running first! We couldn't believe it!!! No one told coach, or us until about 3:20!!!! Needless to say it was a frantic 30 minutes of warming up, including a few girls nearly falling over putting flats on or trying to change into uniforms.

But, regardless of the lack of warmup time and regardless of the half-mile hill in the first half of the course, the women ran second to Worcester State out of five teams. And in even more exciting news, Amanda Quinones won her first XC meet at Eastern with quite an impressive 37 second window before the second runner from Worcester crossed the line! Also, Katie France, a freshman, managed to come in second  for Eastern and eighth overall, a very impressive debut! Rounding out our top seven were Alexa Palasky (a freshman), Melissa Healy, Amanda Ericson, Denica Gagnon and Chelsie Lawson (back from New Zealand, yay!)

The women's team is now in preparation for our meet at the Dartmouth Invitational which we attend every year. It's a fast course, and we are hopeful for some PR's (Personal Records) as well as some high finishes!


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