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Women's Cross Country: Best Team in Years!

Hey All,

Women's Cross Country here...

Yesterday we competed at Massachusetts Dartmouth Shriner's Invitational. As I mentioned in the last blog, its a fast, flat course. This is the one race we attend where there is a varsity race and a (what Dartmouth calls) sub-varsity race. We always joke the week before the invite that they are trying to tell the JV runners that they are actually sub-human, haha! Our "sub-humans" however proved that they are anything but sub-human as a few of them would have broken into the top 5 if they had raced in the varsity race. This just proves how deep and close in time we all are this year.

And, for all of you out there who like numbers (*cough* math majors *cough*) I did a little number crunching to prove just how much better we are than the past few years. This year, our average time was 22:23, with a deviation between the first and last runner of 3:59; last year our average time was 23:06 with a deviation of 5:30, and finally in 2008, the average time was 23:33 with a 6:19 deviation. This means, we have improved as a team in the last 2 years by a minute and 10 seconds average and our entire team is 2 minutes and 20 seconds closer than 2 years ago, very impressive ladies!

Well, onto the actual race...
Once again, Amanda Quinones led the way, running 32 seconds faster than last year. Amanda was followed by freshmen Katie France and Alexa Palasky, both running considerably faster times on the much faster course. Cora Gingras and Chelsie Lawson would have rounded off the top 5, however they ran the JV race (proving how close in times our team is this year!) so instead rounding off the top 5 were seniors Amanda Ericson and Melissa  Healy. Amanda broke her track 5k PR by 5 seconds, very impressive considering most PRs are on the track, not on a cross country course. Also an important note in the JV race, Haley Smith debuted running very well after having to sit out for Fitchburg due to an injury.

This coming Saturday we will be racing at Franklin Park in Boston at the Codfish Bowl, a very exciting place to run, as world championships in cross country have been hosted there!

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