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Women's Soccer: Preparing for a Final Exam

By Stephanie Norell and Lauren Hickey


Steph and Lauren, comin back atcha with some good news!

A 6-1 result against Salem State is a pretty decent result, especially considering we played 90 minutes of soccer. But this is exactly what we needed to do in order to get ready for UMass-Boston on Saturday. They have been a thorn in our side for the past couple of years, as they have steadily improved. With the balanced scoring attack we have vs. their fortress of a defense, it will be a battle no doubt. On top of that, their field is what one would call a mudpit when wet. If Keene and Western were tests, UMass Boston is a final exam.

We knew an academic reference would be a scintillating end to this blog :)

Keep you posted,

Steph and Laure

Women's Soccer: A Comeback for the Ages

By Stephanie Norell and Lauren Hickey


Steph and Lauren reporting in about our game this past weekend!

We think there's only one word to describe the game...COMEBACK! Holy moley, we STILL can't believe we came back from a two-goal deficit to win it against our arch rivals, Keene State.

For those of you who weren't there, (not sure what else there is to do at 1 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon), you missed one heck of a game. Down 1-0 at halftime, we came out determined to avenge that score! Unfortunately, they scored again. Now, normally a team would pack it in and say "screw it, we lost anyway." But not THIS team! In the area of 20 minutes or so, we scored three (count em, THREE!) goals. For those uninformed soccer fans, that is practically unheard of! Not to mention, difficult. Boom, boom, boom. The goals were in the onion basket in a seemingly non-chalant fashion. For lack of a better phrase, it was nuts!!

Not that the target on our backs wasn't big before, but it certainly is now. And we added a lot more fuel to the already burning fire Keene has simmering for us. A loss like that sticks with a team for the entire season. We can't wait to do it again to them :)

Now onto Salem State with a 7-0-1 record WHATTTT. Hope to report back with another W, gotta keep it going!

-Steph and Lauren


Men's Soccer: Putting a Tough Week (0-2) Behind Us

By Rick Emery and Sean Capezzone


Hey guys, thanks for checking in!

This week was a tough one for all of us with back-to-back losses to Trinity College and Keene State.

None of us on the team enjoy losing so we have been working hard on the training pitch in order to get ourselves prepared for Tuesday night's contest with Salem State. Instead of reminicing on our past defeats we are looking toward getting back to our winning ways and improving our record this week. Salem State is always a tough team to play on the road, but the players are all feeling confident after a long film session and tough practice Sunday morning. We all know what the team is capable of and are aware that we still have a long season ahead. Keep up the support, we need it now more than ever!

 We'll have another update for you all after the game on Tuesday up in Salem...wish us luck!



Rick and Cakes

Women's Cross Country: After Running Through, Mixed Results

By Ashlee James


Hey all, Ashlee here...

I had a hard time deciding what to say about our meet Saturday at Franklin Park in Boston. We went into this meet with high expectations of fast times as we had heard it was a very fast course. Unfortunately, sometimes when we run though meets (don't ease up on training in the days before the race) we can all end up a little disappointed with our times.The course was harder than we expected and was very dusty, with poor footing, and definitely not as flat as UMass Dartmouth's course last week.

But regardless of the barriers, everyone pushed through to the finish line. Leading us off for the third week in a row was Amanda Quinones, followed again by freshmen Katie France and Alexa Palasky who have been our top three every meet this season. Rounding out the top five were Melissa Healy and Denica Gagnon.

Our next meet is in two weeks at Westfield State. We go to this meet every year and the course is a true woods and trail cross country course. Hopefully we will all see some great times =)

Women's Soccer: Looking Ahead After Holding Off Westfield

By Stephanie Norell and Lauren Hickey


Steph and Lauren reporting back in with good news!

It wasn't pretty, but we managed to come away with the 'W' Wednesday night against an improved squad in Westfield State. Although we had two very nice goals from two stellar sophomores, they also had a goal of their own on a textbook header from a corner kick. We didn't come out with fire, but we got the job done. Somehow, we managed to do that. Continuing on a 6-0-1 record, we have a huge target on our backs.

And now Keene State College comes to town on Saturday. In battling  Little East powerhouses in back-to-back weekends (Western Connecticut last weekend), our team is ready to step up to the plate and come out on top. We have always had a fierce rivalry with Keene, and it just got intensified last fall when we beat them for the 2009 LEC Champinship. Needless to say, it's going to be quite a game. 

Until then,

Lauren and Steph

Women's Soccer: Against WestConn, One Goal Was Enough!

By Lauren Hickey and Stephanie Norell


Hey guys, Lauren and Steph here!

Well,  if you were not there on Saturday you missed a GAME!  Who would have thought that one goal would stand up against Western Connecticut; but it did.  Within the first four minutes of the game Taylor Buchanan struck the ball within the eighteen yard box into the back of the net. 

We came out very strong with a lot of rah rah on our side.  After the goal our midfield and defense was effective against the WestConn forwards by passing very nicely and gettting us out of pressure quickly.  Our forwards were high-pressuring and providing scoring opportunities.

When we came out in the second half, however, it was a slow start and WestConn came out with vigor.  They were not giving up because the next goal was a big one.  It was the difference between taking the wind out of WestConn's sails or getting them back into the game with a tie.  The play went back and forth for the whole 45 minute period.  We again had some chances to put more points on the board, but WestConn did as well.  After a game- winning save by Theresa Pagnozzi and the heart of the Warriors,  the second half finally ended.  The battle of the DIII state schools went to Eastern Connecticut!

On Wednesday we take on Westfield State home at 7p.m.!  We will be back hopefully with a "W."

 Lauren and Steph

Men's Cross Country: Flat Course, Fast Times

By Casey McGarvey

We were sluggish to get up in the morning but not when the feet hit the course. 7:15 was early to get on the bus for the Shriners Invitational at UMass  Dartmouth this past Saturday. Conor Hackett ran a blistering time of 26:28. A transfer from Manchester CC, Conor was an excellent runner in high school and took a few years off at MCC. He is rounding back into shape again and the sky is the limit for him. Following Conor was Nick Miller, Brody Secore, Tim Callahan, Alejandro Hernandez and Bryan Jorge.

The amount of improvement over one year is amazing from these runners. Everyone is excited for this weekend's Codfish Bowl where world championship cross country events have been held. It looks to be an exciting time for all in Boston.

Until this weekend, Casey McGarvey signing off. 

Men's Cross Country: A Season of Expectations

By Casey McGarvey

And boom goes the dynamite! -- another Eastern cross country season is off and running. For the first meet of the year, the men traveled to Fitchburg, Mass. for the Jim Sheehan Memorial Invitational  Sept. 10. The team finished in second place out of four. Nick Miller had an excellent start to the season with a third place finish. Transfer Conor Hackett followed in  fourth. Rounding out  runners in the top ten for Eastern  were Bryan Jorge, Brad Beausoleil, and first-year Brody Secore.

The men are still hungry for more though as they are happy with a second place finish they know they have not scratched the surface yet. They are looking forward to a productive cross country season that will carrry over into successful indoor and outdoor track seasons..

Men's Soccer: Atop the Polls

By Rick Emery and Sean Capezzone

Rick and Cakes here!


What a big week it was for the program! On Tuesday, the NSCAA regional and national rankings came out. The program was fortunate to be recognized as the second-ranked team in New England and the 16th ranked team in the country for a Divsion III program. Even though the rankings don't make a difference this early on into the season, it is great to be honored as one of the top programs in the country.

On Wednesday night we opened up our home schedule, after a long fpur-game road trip to begin the season, versus regional power Wheaton (ranked fourth in the recent NSCAA New England poll). The atmosphere was electric because a great crowd showed up to support us. The game was hard-fought with both sides having quality chances to get a goal. But at the end of 120 minutes, the game ended as a 0-0 draw. The downside to the match was that Matt Furman and Aaron Smiles sustained injuries. The good news is that both players will be back very soon (for the ladies, Furman's face is fine and will be as good as new in a week or two).

 On Saturday afternoon, we opened up with our first Little East Conference match versus in-state rival Western Connecticut State University. The match consisted of very little quality opportunities for each side as most of the play was sustained throughout the middle of the pitch. A first-half goal (an unbelievable side volley) by sophmore midfielder Jon DeCasanova, was the difference in the match (1-0). The game was not a pretty one to watch but you need to take the victories anyway you can in the Little East. It was very important to come away with a result on the road with such a young squad.

This upcoming week will be very important to the program as we faceoff against two top ranked New England foes. On Tuesday night we face in-state rival Trinity at home and then on Saturday we head up to New Hampshire to play against Little East rival Keene State. This week will be a tremendous test for us.

 That's all we have for now. We will check back later on in the week to give you the updates of how the mid-week game versus Trinity goes down. We hope to see a large crowd there Tuesday night!!!


-Rick and Cakes





Women's Cross Country: Best Team in Years!

Hey All,

Women's Cross Country here...

Yesterday we competed at Massachusetts Dartmouth Shriner's Invitational. As I mentioned in the last blog, its a fast, flat course. This is the one race we attend where there is a varsity race and a (what Dartmouth calls) sub-varsity race. We always joke the week before the invite that they are trying to tell the JV runners that they are actually sub-human, haha! Our "sub-humans" however proved that they are anything but sub-human as a few of them would have broken into the top 5 if they had raced in the varsity race. This just proves how deep and close in time we all are this year.

And, for all of you out there who like numbers (*cough* math majors *cough*) I did a little number crunching to prove just how much better we are than the past few years. This year, our average time was 22:23, with a deviation between the first and last runner of 3:59; last year our average time was 23:06 with a deviation of 5:30, and finally in 2008, the average time was 23:33 with a 6:19 deviation. This means, we have improved as a team in the last 2 years by a minute and 10 seconds average and our entire team is 2 minutes and 20 seconds closer than 2 years ago, very impressive ladies!

Well, onto the actual race...
Once again, Amanda Quinones led the way, running 32 seconds faster than last year. Amanda was followed by freshmen Katie France and Alexa Palasky, both running considerably faster times on the much faster course. Cora Gingras and Chelsie Lawson would have rounded off the top 5, however they ran the JV race (proving how close in times our team is this year!) so instead rounding off the top 5 were seniors Amanda Ericson and Melissa  Healy. Amanda broke her track 5k PR by 5 seconds, very impressive considering most PRs are on the track, not on a cross country course. Also an important note in the JV race, Haley Smith debuted running very well after having to sit out for Fitchburg due to an injury.

This coming Saturday we will be racing at Franklin Park in Boston at the Codfish Bowl, a very exciting place to run, as world championships in cross country have been hosted there!

Women' Soccer: Disturbia Dancing Providing the Edge

By Lauren Hickey and Stephanie Norell


Lauren and Steph reporting in!

Coming back from Fitchburg State  last night with a 4-0 victory is definitely the way we wanted to conclude our evenings. We're so proud of the entire team for such a great start to the season! We now have the same record as men's soccer (ironic). Undefeated! We held off the constantly-working Falcons for 90 minutes, and with a balanced scoring attack, we were lethal. They had a nice turf field, but I think we left our mark on Elliot Field. We personally believe that it's the "Disturbia" dancing in the locker room before games that gives us our extra kick in games.

We hope to continue on this trend and bring an edge to our first LEC game this Saturday against West Connnn! Arch rivals for years, we hope to avenge their annual success against us by beginning our four-game homestand with a WIN.

We'll keep you posted,

Steph and Lauren

Women's Soccer: At Manhattanville, Fitness Paid Dividends

By Lauren HIckey and Stephanie Norell


We came back from our first overnight trip to Purchase, New York with smiling faces and tired bodies.  The smiles were from gaining four points this weekend going 1-0-1, and the bodies, well you know it was the second weekend of back-to-back games on the road.  As of right now we are doing pretty well getting ourselves off the van (unfortunately no busses yet) and accomplishing what needs to be done. 

Both games this weekend had a slow start, which has been the opposite from last weekend.  We took some time finding our style of play, but when we did the teams were both taken back.  Against Montclair on Saturday we were playing back and forth for a while, and although they scored first we dug deep and got one back by our very own freshman from Jersey (Nicole).  After we scored we had a lot of other chances that did not quite make it in the breadbasket, but we had Montclair on their toes. 

Sunday's game against Vassar College began the same, and again we were playing catch-up.  Very shortly after, our fitness kicked in and were able to place the ball in the net, well really Daniela rolled herself in with the ball from a scuffle in the box.  At this time the momentum was on our side forcing the Vassar defense to bunker down and try to keep the score tied.  Their defense was no match for Kelly Wallace who scored the second goal by striking the ball beautifully into the net.  All in all, our fitness took care of the weekend because when the opposing teams were fatigued, that is when we had the upper hand.

We will keep you up to date!


-Lauren and Steph

Women's Volleyball: WE'RE ALL IN!

By Rachael Joy


Hey guys, Rachael here!

We just got back from our first overnight tournament at Endicott College. We ended the tournament with two wins and two losses, which isn't so bad but we all knew we could have played better.

It was a great experience to play both Endicott and Middlebury to show us a different tempo of play and get us ready for our upcoming games this week. No matter how down we were or how frustrating it was we still kept our heads high and worked hard. With both coaches not giving up on us it was easy for us to give all we had on the court. 

Congratulation to our only freshman, Erynn Miller,  for receiving all-tournament and Little East Conference Rookie-of-the-Week. Also congrats to Taylor Abelli for getting recognized as Cheshire Herald Athlete of the Week! 

This tournament was a great learning experience for us to trust our fellow players, the coaches and the program.... WE'RE ALL IN! This week we will battle with two of the top New England teams, Trinity and UMass  Boston. We're starting off our conference play with one of the best teams in UMass Boston, so hopefully we can show the LEC  what Eastern is bringing this year! 

Until Next Time, 

Women's Cross Country: Fitchburg... And It's a BIG Hill

By Ashlee James

Hey All!
Its about time cross country is represented on this blog, so here we go...

This past Friday, we opened up our season at the Fitchburg Invitational.

We arrived at Coggshall Park in Fitchburg, MA about an hour before what we believed to be the men's start time. The men went to warm up and the women walked the infamous BIG hill on the course in hopes to not get lost (like myself and a few others did last year). At about 3:30 (a half hour before race time) we were getting a little pre-warmup jogging in when two of the men met up with us, frantic, telling us that the women were actually running first! We couldn't believe it!!! No one told coach, or us until about 3:20!!!! Needless to say it was a frantic 30 minutes of warming up, including a few girls nearly falling over putting flats on or trying to change into uniforms.

But, regardless of the lack of warmup time and regardless of the half-mile hill in the first half of the course, the women ran second to Worcester State out of five teams. And in even more exciting news, Amanda Quinones won her first XC meet at Eastern with quite an impressive 37 second window before the second runner from Worcester crossed the line! Also, Katie France, a freshman, managed to come in second  for Eastern and eighth overall, a very impressive debut! Rounding out our top seven were Alexa Palasky (a freshman), Melissa Healy, Amanda Ericson, Denica Gagnon and Chelsie Lawson (back from New Zealand, yay!)

The women's team is now in preparation for our meet at the Dartmouth Invitational which we attend every year. It's a fast course, and we are hopeful for some PR's (Personal Records) as well as some high finishes!


Men's Soccer: Back from the Road

By Rick Emery

Hey everyone!

It's been a long two weeks of playing away from Willi, but after coming away with a 4-0-0 record it was definitely worth it. The guys played hard and we are lucky enough to get Monday off to rest up for our big game with Wheaton College on the 15th.

Just to update you guys on our trip...this past Wednesday we took down Fitchburg State by a score of 5-1. It was a great match and everyone got their chance to take to the field and terrorize Fitchburg's defense. The scoring spree started early when Aaron Smiles played a great ball to Jon DeCasanova off of a corner kick and Jon touched it just over the keeper's reach and into the old onion bag. Soon after that, Cory Tobler sent Matt Furman in on a great through-ball for an easy finish. Still within the first twenty minutes, Jon banged home his second from a quick one-two with Sean Collins. 

The scoring didn't stop there, as Brad Fletcher buried a penalty after Cory was dragged down inside the penalty area.  The fifth goal of the contest was a late toe-poke by Jordan Clark that left the goalie on his heels during a scramble in the box. The game really allowed our offense to take charge and get some goals under our belt before the conference games begin this weekend. Almost had a goal of my own this weekend, some fancy footwork cut up a defender and I ripped one toward the near post only to have my effort quelled by Fitchburg's keeper...I'm going to get one sooner than later, I promise.

Our other big win took place this past Saturday down at Ramapo College, where the Roadrunners' could not seem to find an answer to our goals from Cory  and Luke Capezzone.  They were a great team, no questions about it, but when it came down to it Carl Appel and our defense (made up of Aaron,  Brad, Mike Radlbeck, and Matt Esposito) shut them down. Another major factor in that game was our depth on the bench. Big time minutes from Nate Mozian, Romero Johnson, Rysuke Imamura and Tom Vear played a major part in the win. Also, some shut-down defense by Jordan, Ryan McCormack, Matt Janco, and Matt Kalmin helped us seal the shutout.

Needless to say, it was an excellent weekend for everyone on the team. It was a huge win and we are really hoping to take the momentum from this game into our first home game this weekend.

Please come out and support us this Wednesday under the lights down at the Mansfield Complex Turf!

 Thanks for tuning in and I hope to see you all Wednesday night!


Field Hockey: Challenging Pre Season Leads to Opening Win

By Liz Bolduc

Pre season was a little rough on all of us.  The excitement to get back and work hard was overcome by injuries.  Our three a days were tough but we will definitely appreciate them on our journey to a successful season! 

We started off in a play day at Wheaton going 2-1-1, Playing on both grass and turf.  The grass was tough to get used to after being able to play on our beautiful turf here at Eastern, but the turf games we did have we had amazing passing and high intensity.  We then followed up with another scrimmage the next day against our alumni! Thanks for coming Ladies it was much appreciated! 

Our game opener against Salve Regina, made everyone's head turn.  We looked like a brand new team! Our first goal scored by Dana was soon matched by Salve.  The pressure however seemed as if nothing as Erika scored the next goal with a flawless stroke! After this we were so pumped up that Ali Chapman knocked in another one.  Coming out on top felt great and we can only look up from here!

We're expecting big things this season, and can't wait to keep working together to become victorious!


Women's Volleyball -- BLAH BLAH BLAH, GIRL POWER

By Gianna Trombino


Hey everyone, this is Gianna checking in!

I just got back from our game against Clark University and thought it would be a good time to update you all as to the team's progress. In a nutshell, up to this point, we have a 3-1 record which we are all proud of. We were a little tight in our first game against Roger Williams last week and unfortunatly we weren't able to pull out the win. The game was a great experience for us though because we were able to go back into the gym the next day and work on the things that we were lacking, namely our transition on defense and our communication.

We had two games over the weekend against Salve Regina and Babson. We defended our home territory and won both games. Our first game against Salve Regina we played a little tentatively but our second game against Babson we came out with all the confidence and enthusiasm in the world and not only brought back a win but had a great time doing so!

I am a bit reluctant to admit this, but our team has recently become a bit obsessed with the Spice Girls, especially the movie Spice World...it was the inspiration for the title of this blog! Taylor and Ski made a video of them dancing and singing to " My Gang" ( which I'd love to post on here for the world to see...I just have to figure out how!) and it's snowballed from there. Before each game we huddle up and Taylor goes in the middle of the circle..after a bit of yelling, Taylor screams out "BLAH BLAH BLAH" and we all respond with " GIRL POWER!" It's a fun way to pump ourselves up and relax a bit before we compete. 

Tuesday,  we had Clark at home...we started out slowly in the first two sets (at one point in the second set we were down 11-1!) but then chipped away at the deficit to eventually take the lead and win the game. Althought we certainly want to come out stronger and take the lead first, we think our team showed great character tonight. It's easy to let the score dictate a team's energy and how they approach the rest of the set but we continued to work hard which eventually allowed us to take the lead.

We are still a little raw and rough around the edges and there are plenty of things we know we need to improve upon as the season progresses, but we all believe that this team has great potential. Coach Fran has done an amazing job thus far improving our skills and helping us build an awesome team chemistry. Coach Pete continues to find a perfect balance between pushing us to be better and and patting us on the back when it's most needed. We are going to continue to work hard in practice and put forth the effort necessary to become the team that we all know we are capable of being.

This upcoming weekend we have a tournament at Endicott College and our next home game is September 28th. Thanks for all your support! We love having lots of fans at the games and appreciate you taking the time to read this blog! If you have any comments or questions, we would love to hear from you - Go ahead and leave a comment :)

'Till next time!

Men's Soccer -- Opening Weekend

By Sean Capezzone


Hey guys, Cakes checking in!

What an opening weekend we had. I could not have dreamed of a better start to the season. Nothing is more sweet than going back-to-back, two years in a row by beating two quality New England opponents and repeating as the Babson Classic Champions!

The first game, we opened up with MIT. After working out all the kinks in our preseason and the tune-up scrimmages, all of us were eager to get back out on the pitch and play in a match that actually counted. MIT gave us a run for our money as we went into halftime tied at one a piece (first half goal scored by Matt Furman). As a team we stepped up our play, got an early goal by Cory Tobler, and played solid team defense to shut down a pestering MIT attack in the closing minutes.

Excited to get our first victory and full of confidence, we went into Sunday vs Babson believing that we could repeat as champions. We started off a little slow and went down a goal early on a quick and dangerous Babson counter-attack. However, we showed great character as we got the goal back minutes later by the potent one-two combo of Furman and Tobler. Just before halftime, my little brother (Luke Capezzone), scored his first collegiate goal off an Aaron Smiles free kick and put us up for good as we went into halftime with a 2-1 lead. In the beginning of the second half, freshman foward Mitch Power, gave us a little scare by being carted away to the nearby hospital, but turns out the injury isn't as bad as we thought and will be back on the pitch very soon. The second half continued on and we got an insurance goal by Matt Furman which gave us the breathing space we needed for our defensive unit (Esposito, Fletcher, Smiles, Radlbeck, Appel) to shut down the oncoming Babson attack. The game ended as a 3-2 victory and we were crowned as the Babson Classic champions for the second year in a row.

The road doesn't get any easier for us. We get back at it when we travel on Wednesday to Fitchburg State, another quality New England opponent, and then on Saturday as well, when we travel out of our region to play Ramapo down in New Jersey. 

Rick (El Nino) Emery will give you all the updates later on in the week. For now, just keep tuning into the blog for constant updates on the team!

- Sean (Cakes) Capezzone

Women's Soccer -- Opening Weekend

By Stephanie Norell and Lauren Hickey


Stephanie and Lauren here again. We think we should rename Labor Day weekend as Eastern's weekend, considering every fall sport won! That's an awesome feat, hope we can continue doing that!

As far as women's soccer goes, we went 2-0 in a very successful first outing. Our first game, against tough opponent Westfield State University resulted in a tight 1-0 victory, with the goal being scored early in the second half. It was quite a feat that the defense held off their attack for the rest of the half, so hats off to them!

On Sunday, in the championship match, we faced Roger Williams University, a perennial NCAA team. It was a tough match, especially considering both teams played only 24 hours earlier. With all goals once again scored in the second half, Eastern pulled out a hard-fought 3-1 win! All the goals were the result of either a corner kick or combination plays, and that definitely shows that our entire team is getting involved in the attack. Having 11 people work as one cohesive unit on the field for 90 minutes is difficult, but we are working hard to be at that point.

Stay tuned for next weekend's double-match tournament, where we face Montclair State University and Vassar College at host Manhattanville College!

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