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Volleyball Pre-Season Wrap-up!

By Gianna Trombino and Rachael Joy


Hi Everyone!

We'd like to welcome you to the Eastern Volleyball blog...

We'll discuss lots of team-related things here and hopefully just give you a little inside scoop as to all the things we do/talk about/hope for as a T.E.A.M!

So, who are WE?

There will be two of us writing this blog...each week we will switch roles, so one week you will hear from Rachael Joy and the next you will hear from Gianna Trombino. For this first entry though, it's the both of us!

Pre-season has officially come to a close and we've made it out alive! The week was rough at times with hard practices twice a day ( with some lifting) but we all feel it was definitly worth it...we've come a long way in such a short time!

Well, we guess the first thing we should discuss is our new coach. If you've been following us at all, you would know that we've been having lots of changes in our coaching staff over the past couple years. Our new coach, Fran Vandermeer...well, to put it bluntly- WE HOPE SHE IS HERE FOR GOOD! She's absolutly amazing with great organization and coaching talent and we all feel beyond lucky to have her. She finds a perfect balance between complimenting our existing talents while still giving us lots of important new feedback and constructive criticism. I think we all feel like we've learned SO much the past week in terms of passing and setting techniques, team bonding methods, game strategy and communication...and the most important part, "BOUNCING BACK" from our past couple years...that has become the theme of the season!  She works very well with our existing assistant coach, Peter Maneggia (who led the team last year by himself for half the season) and they are a funny 1-2 punch. We are very fortunate to have them both as our leaders.

To leave pre-season with a bang, we had a wonderful day at the beach filled with lots of conditioning from Coach Pete, sweat, fun, and an AWESOME home cooked meal from Coach Fran ( who we have decided we are going to call "Frandermeer!") We worked hard for the first half of our time and then were rewarded with some great swim time and laying out...and now we all have terrible sports bra and spandex tans!

We're really looking forward to this upcoming season, which opens up on Wednesday at home @ 7PM vs Roger Williams. We think that everyone is going to be very impressed with the team that we have become over this week...it's a brand new start for us.

Until next time!

-Rachael and Gianna

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