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Kane Publishes New Book on Leadership in Sport Management

Written by Michael Rouleau

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Willimantic, Conn. - Gregory Kane, health and physical education professor at Eastern Connecticut State University, has co-authored his first book, "Sport Leadership in the 21st Century." Co-authored by John F. Borland of Springfield College and Laura J. Burton of the University of Connecticut, it is among the first comprehensive textbooks on the market focusing on leadership in the field of sport management.

Several years ago, Kane was searching for a new book to add to his sport management courses. "I couldn't find anything that emphasized leadership in the field," said Kane. "When I asked colleagues, they responded, 'when you find something let us know.'"

Thereafter, Kane, Borland and Burton--all three friends, alumni of UConn and experts in sport leadership theory--set out to produce "Sport Leadership in the 21st Century."

The book also features two other faculty members of Eastern, Professors of Psychology Peter Bachiochi and Wendi Everton, who contributed by co-writing chapter 11, "Team Leadership and Group Dynamics."

Through case studies, interviews with leaders in the field, critical thinking questions and ample content, the book delves into leadership theories and strategies, skillsets and communication tactics, conflict management and a number of other leadership issues in the field of sport.

"Sport is much more than kicking a ball around; it is very multifaceted," said Kane. "There is a whole business side that encompasses a variety of professions, and having effective leaders is essential for the future of the field."
When discussing the need for the book, Kane said: "Many students and young people live such structured lives; their schedules and superiors tell them what to do. This creates barriers to developing creative leadership skills within themselves. My hope is this book will promote leadership and initiative among students heading into the field of sport management," continued Kane.

 "The field of sport management is constantly changing," concluded Kane. "'Sport Management in the 21st Century' will not be a one-time, static publication. It will have updates and new editions as the field evolves."

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