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Esmé Codell Visits Eastern

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Noted children's literature specialist and schoolteacher Esmé Raji Codell will be visiting Eastern Connecticut State University on Wednesday, Feb. 12. The event takes place at 1 p.m. in the Betty R. Tipton Room, which is located in the Student Center.


The event is free and is being supported by the ECSU Foundation, Inc. The lecture is part of Eastern's spring 2014 Cultural Celebration Series, and is sponsored by Eastern's History and Political Science, Philosophy and Geography Departments.


Codell is best known for her book "Educating Esmé: Diary of a Teacher's First Year." The book deals with how children and teachers dealt with racism and economic difficulties and problems with funding in inner-city schools. It documents her attempts as a young, white female teacher to bring about changes despite the obstacles in the school system. While writing the book, Codell drew from experiences that took place during her first year as an elementary school teacher in Chicago.  People Magazine has called Codell " of the nation's most sought-after voices for empowering teachers." 


Codell has also written about teaching children to love reading and is the author of a number of children's books.  Two of her other works include "How to Get Your Child to Love Reading" and "Fairly Fairy Tales." For more information about Codell and her books, visit


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