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Nancy Wynn Invited to Show at "Hartford DADA" Exhibition

Written by Akaya McElveen


Willimantic, Conn. - Nancy Wynn, assistant professor of digital art and design at Eastern Connecticut State University has been invited to showcase her piece titled "I Pledge Allegiance" in the "Hartford DADA" exhibit at the Pumphouse Gallery in Hartford, CT. The exhibit will open 5-9 p.m. on Sept. 26 and will run through until Nov. 1.

"I Pledge Allegiance," created in 2004, is a reaction to war and gun violence in America. It questions America's sense of allegiance and the system of homeland security.

The Pumphouse Gallery, originally built in 1947 by the Army Corps of Engineers and resembling an English cottage, is the only public gallery in a municipal park in Connecticut. It acts as a gallery for local Connecticut artists as well as a functioning pump house as part of the Connecticut River Flood Control Project.

All inquiries about the Pumphouse Gallery should be directed to the City of Hartford at (860) 757-4895.

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