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Fall Skies at Eastern and a Space Update

Written by Jordan Sakal

Willimantic, Conn. - Eastern's Department of Physical Sciences hosted a show
titled, "Fall Skies and Space Update" on September 16th, in the Robert K. Wickware Planetarium. The presentation showed which constellations like Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, and Vega (which is a star part of the constellation Lyra) are available to be seen just by craning your head skyward and looking into the heavens during these fall months and into wintertime. Also discussed was recent space news with the space probe Voyager I making its way out of our solar system and into the region known as interstellar space. The "space between space."

Hosts of the event, Drs. Pazameta and Sampson said "The most remarkable thing about Voyager is that there are modern refrigerators that are "higher tech" and have more computing power than Voyager which was developed and launched in 1977."  The thing visitors should take away from their travels to the planetarium is that there is so much out there still to explore and learn about. According to Pazameta, "Science is the application of the laws of nature, without understanding science; you cannot have any technology, any advancement in society. That is why science is still so important in schools today."

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